Driving Miss Bdubs-How I Became a California Driver

I can’t believe it’s almost September of 2011. Exactly 10 years ago I was driving from my little town in Oregon to the big city of San Francisco, CA to start my first year of college. My electric blue Plymouth Neon was packed to the brim and I was full of nervous energy. I was going to college! I was also headed to a state with traffic that’s a lot higher than my one stop light town had ever been. So needless to say driving scared the you know what out of me!

When I got to school, I discovered that I had to take the  dmv california written test because I’d be driving there for more than a few months. I was also applying for residency so I needed that California driver’s license. You would think all driving tests in each state would be the same, but you’d be wrong. There were questions on there about the public transportation system and multiple traffic light questions that I had no clue about. So even though I’d had my license for almost 2 years, I had study up again. It was craziness! But I’m glad I did because driving in California is nothing like driving in Oregon, at least not smalltownville oregon where I’m from.

It’s funny looking back. Now it’s absolutely nothing for me to drive on a freeway with four lanes of traffic on one side. But ten years ago you would have found me pulled over on the side of the road crying because I was petrified. I’ve come a long way in ten years!

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