Going the Distance-DVD Review

I love it when I Netflix a DVD and it pleasantly surprises me. Any movie that makes me laugh out loud when I’m watching it alone is a good movie. Going the Distance was that kind of movie and it was awesome.

Drew Barrymore is Erin who is doing a summer internship in New York when she meets Garrett (Justin Long). They end up falling for each other even though she’s leaving to go back home to San Francisco six weeks later. They decide to embark on the biggest challenge two people can undertake, a long distance relationship.

The supporting cast helps make this movie so funny. Cristina Applegate as the tightly wound sister is so funny and Garrett’s two best friends cracked me up throughout the movie.

Of course the premise of this movie means there are going to be some sad moments, and some moments where you get frustrated with the two of them. The two of them each have someone in their workplace that tempts them. I spent some time yelling at the TV screen.

I won’t ruin the ending for you but just know in order for me to like a movie it has to have a happy ending and be a feel good movie.

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