It’s OK Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays

My favorite bloggy day of the week-Thursday. The day where my quirky habits are considered “OK”!

It’s OK…

To miss your husband when he’s gone for work 7 nights in a row. Booo.

To dance around your house like a fool and call it exercise.

To get annoyed with a sort of friend who facestalks you, and then totally do the same thing  to them.

To prefer quality friendships over quantity the older you get.

To enter sweepstakes every day and not lose hope. Hey somebody’s gotta win!

If you talk to your dog and assume he understands every word.

To really not understand why people find Chelsea Handler funny. She just seems bitchy to me.

To secretly want to go on a trip for your anniversary even though you know you can’t because you’re saving for a house. Le Sigh.

To be totally disgusted by the amount of people out there using fertility drugs and having multiples.

To wish that people would put the money they use towards fertility treatment into adopting a child in need instead.

To sometimes be overwhelmed with the amount of stupid people in this world.

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