It’s Ok Thursdays-PJs for a Week

Its Ok Thursdays
This is a new segment that I’m so excited to try out. Come play along!

It’s OK…

  • To drink $2 wine even if you are from Sonoma County “Wine Country”. And yes, sometimes the $2 bottles are BETTER than the $35 bottles. I said it!
  • To only watch dvr and even pause live tv just to zoom past all the commercials. I can’t stand commercials!
  • To go most of the week wearing just pjs or workout clothes. I’m a freelance writer/homemaker. I consider it saving money on laundry when I just need clean undies for the week. I only get dressed when I leave the house. Usually…;-)
  • To fire your Real Estate Agent for being a total Biatch. She didn’t even shake my hand when we met and she barely said hello to my husband. NEXT!
  • To really really not understand the Glee obsession. I’m sorry guys, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they CAN’T SING.
  • To compare life insurance quotes and not help but think it’s kind of morbid, even though it needs to be done.
  • To call in sick for partying with friends when all you really want to do is veg on the couch and eat chocolate with strawberries with that $2 wine.

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