It’s OK Thursdays-Vacation Bound

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK…

To be totally bummed that you haven’t heard back on the offer you put in for a house.

To obsessively check your email and phone hoping your Realtor has news.

To picture how your furniture would look in your would be new home.

To pack for a week when you’re only going on vacation for 3 nights.

To be so excited to go to the coast, where the weather is going to be at least ten degrees cooler than here. Yay!

To be most excited about all the yummy vacation food you’ll eat, knowing there’s no way you’d normally eat that way.

To completely forget about dieting while on vacation.

To justify the extra calories because you’ll walk everywhere.

To pack workout clothes even though there’s a good chance you won’t go on a run.

To know you won’t be checking email, facebook, blogs, or watching and be completely and utterly relieved.

To unplug every once in awhile.

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