Its Ok Thursdays-Lame Books and Talking to the TV

Its Ok Thursdays
It’s totes ok (as Neely says) to…

-Talk to the tv as if the characters can hear you. Don’t act like you don’t do it.
-Finish reading a book even though you keep exclaiming out loud that it’s terrible. Sometimes you just have to follow through, even when it’s an awful story.
-Enjoy a night out with friends but enjoy coming home to your own bed even more.
-Be so consumed by house hunting that you go to bed looking at listings, you dream about listings, and you wake up and the first thing you do is look at the mls websites.
-to wish I had a cordless barcode scanner that allowed me to organize my life. How cool would that be?
-To go running and then eat cheese dip. They cancel each other out right?

-To be oddly flattered when the Trader Joe’s employees check you out. Especially when you grocery shop without makeup.

-To do a celebratory dance around the house when you lose a pound. Especially when you’ve eaten cheese dip the day before. 😉


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