New Home and Carpet Cleaning

We officially started our home search! It’s exciting but also a lot of work. The first home we looked at was pretty disappointed. I didn’t expect to see so many carpet stains.

We both kind of want carpet in our home. As beautiful as hardwood is, the upkeep is tough. Our dog constantly scratches the hardwood in our rental. Plus he can’t run on it, and we can’t lay on the floor since it’s so uncomfortable and throw rugs are expensive. I think when we have kids we’ll want carpet in at least a few of the rooms.

Anyways the state of the carpet in some of the foreclosured homes was pretty terrible. We will definitely have to look into urine odor removal carpet austin probably from I know there’s no way I’d move into a home with carpet without getting them professionally cleaned first. Hopefully we find something soon. I’m so excited be a homeowner!

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