Tron: Legacy-DVD Review

Tonight I geeked out and curled up on the couch to watch Tron: Legacy. I was a huge fan of the first movie and this sequel totally brought me back to my childhood. If you haven’t seen the original you should. It’s so advanced for that time! In the sequel, Sam Flynn, the son of the creator of the digital world goes searching for his long lost father. He ends up finding himself in the world, playing the deadly games of the computer generated version of his father, Clu. His real father, Kevin, he ends up finding with the help of Quorra.

The actor who plays Sam Flynn is Garrett Hedlund and he is quite the piece of eye candy. Even if you’re not a nerd you can appreciate his yumminess.

Kevin tells his son that he created a perfect Utopia in the world. He explained that a new life form manifested itself in the world, called the Isos. They were perfect beings that didn’t have disease. Clu, his creation, ended up turning against him and killing the Isos, seeing them as inperfect. In the process of Kevin escaping from Clu, the portal back to the real world closed. When Sam stumbled into the portal, the portal opened back up. Kevin thinks that Clu is going to try to get out into the real world and wreak havoc on the world.


Quorra is one of the Isos, this much I figured out. And then things got really hard to follow. But the special effects were very pretty! She gets hurt in a battle and Kevin confesses that she’s an Iso to Sam. She’s the miracle, what he’s been protecting all these years.

It’s funny that the dad is such a total hippy zen guy, when he’s also a computer geek. The two generally don’t go hand in hand in my experience.

I won’t give away any more, mostly because it’s super hard to describe. It was a cool movie, but it made me want to watch the original again.

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