You Again-DVD Review

This was one of those movies where it’s just so frustrating to watch. If you want to see this movie, don’t read on, there are spoilers. Or you could just read the review and save yourself the hour and forty five minutes of torture. 😉 Your call.

First of all, Marni, played by Kristen Bell, doesn’t look dorky at all. She’s twice as cute as Odette Annabele, who plays Joanna, Marni’s arch nemesis.

Joanna is so TERRIBLE to poor Marni. But worse, Marni doesn’t stick up for herself at all which is super annoying.

So the premise is that Marni was a total geek in high school who always got picked on by Joanna, the head cheerleader. Marni then grows up and gets successful, and then finds out Joanna is marrying her older brother.

Marni doesn’t stand up for herself to Joanna enough, and then when she finally does, she does it publicly and ends up humiliating her brother in the process.

What’s so ridiculous is Marni’s family ends up getting mad at Marni even though Joanna is the terrible one. Oh and Joanna’s aunt and Marni’s mom were enemies in high school too. It was a silly side story that didn’t really add to the movie much.

The ending was just terrible. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Joanna that Marni’s brother called off the wedding after he found out what a horrible person she was? We’re supposed to pity her? Really?! And then they just apologize to each other and then it’s just all ok? And now they have to be sisters in law? SERIOUSLY?! What a dumb movie.

Don’t watch this movie. Bleck.

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