Boob Tube Babble- Catching Up on TV

Boob Tube Babble
I didn’t turn on the tv once during vacation and it was kind of nice to unplug. I also didn’t have internet and it was sort of wonderful. Now that I’m back I’m back into my couch potato routine and enjoying all my favorite trashy tv shows.

1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager– Amy wants Ricky to come to some big graduation party at a lake house. Ricky refuses, but it’s because he is planning to propose graduation night. Amy doesn’t know this and is pouting because he won’t take her. The silly custody battle with Ben’s friends is just plain dumb. Adrian is so messed up it’s not even funny. I really wish Amy would just punch that crazy bitch in the face and be done with it! I’m annoyed that they still haven’t shown the proposal but I’m excited for it. Amy better say yes or I am done with this show.

2. The Lying Game– Emma is getting closer to Sutton’s boy toy. She’s also been “messing up” Sutton’s life by coming clean on many of Sutton’s lies. I definitely like Emma’s character a lot better than Sutton. Sutton is still in LA and she has discovered that the woman on her birth certificate is not really her birth mom. She also finds out that Emma was placed in a wealthy home from the adoption agency as well. I’m just so skeptical of this story. Do adoption agencies really separate twins knowingly? I highly doubt it. But it makes for good tv. It’s obvious there are people out there that don’t want Sutton and Emma to know the truth about their birth parents. I have a theory that the dad is actually Sutton’s godfather. What do you think?

3. Tia & Tamara– Tia’s friend from The Game is adorable, and their re pore together is actually a lot better than with her own husband. Anyone else notice that? Tamara is back from her honeymoon and comes over to visit with Tia and hear all about it. Tia was totally self absorbed and barely listened to Tia’s stories. I have definitely been there with my pregnant friends and it kind of stinks. Hopefully she’ll get better once the baby is born, but somehow I doubt it. My goal when I have a child is to make sure I am still a good friend. I can definitely see the challenge.

4. Friends With Benefits– There were two new episodes this week. The Mardi Gras episode and the Mentor episode. The Mardi Gras one kind of annoyed me, with Sara’s bitchy sister being really rude. The Mentor epsiode was kind of funny with Aaron dating his previously mentor student now turned porn star. I really want to like this show, but there is just something lacking with the characters. They just aren’t as funny as the cast from Happy Endings.

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