Fall TV Schedule Can’t Come Soon Enough

I’m such a huge fan of fall. It’s the start of everything I love. It means my wedding anniversary, my birthday, and then of course the holidays soon after. I’m already getting my Christmas Party Invitations ready for Christmastime. And then of course there will be new tv episodes to watch!

My DVR is going to be so delightfully full this fall. I can’t wait for the return of my favorites and some juicy new shows to curl up and watch. I’m alone weeknights while the Hubs works so Mama needs some entertainment! Wait, that sounded dirty. Ok you know what I mean!

Here’s what’s on my DVR schedule:

  • How I Met Your Mother-absolute #1 favorite show. Last season was incredible and full of growth for the characters. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the McClaren gang this season.
  • Modern Family-word on the street is they’ve replaced the baby Lily actress with a new toddler that actually smiles and interacts with the rest of the family. With parents like Mitchell and Cam, she needs to have a personality. I’m excited about the change!
  • The Middle-I love this wacky family. The Hubs and I have decided if we ever have a son he will probably turn out like Brick. A little quirky but adorable just the same.
  • Happy Endings-Great show and the first season started out strong. I love this show because it always makes me laugh.
  • Up All Night-I am such a huge Christina Applegate fan. I’m also hoping to one day become a first time parent. This show is tots for me.
  • Community-Abed always cracks me up.
  • Cougar Town-supposedly a midseason premiere (uhoh, I smell a future cancellation, way to screw up ABC). Love Courtney Cox and the whole culdesac crew!
  • Free Agents-Looks like a funny new show. It’s got Phoebe’s science guy in it. It’s gotta be good!
  • Parks and Recreation– Love me that Leslie Noppe.
  • 30 Rock-I think if I’d never met my husband I would have become a trainwreck like Liz Lemon.
  • Grey’s Anatomy-I’ve been a faithful viewer since the beginning. And even though the show basically blows, I still watch it out of loyalty. It’s almost like some of their episodes and the medical tragedies you don’t want to see but can’t look away.
  • Desperate Housewives- I’m pissed that the Skavos split up. That was the worst storyline ever. They better get them back together.
  • Private Practice-I think I watch this show just so I can yell at the tv. They’re all idiots.
  • Parenthood-I’m still annoyed that Christina’s pregnant. We’ll see what the writers manage to do with that storyline. Hrmmmm.
  • The Secret Circle-I want to see what this circle is all about.
  • The Vampire Diaries-Only watch it for the eye candy. Oh Damon. Yuhummm.
  • The Big Bang Theory-Gotta get my nerd fix somehow. Cliffhanger last season, Penny slept with Raj. What’s going to happen next?

I think that’s enough to keep me quite entertained. What’s on your tv schedule this fall?

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