Fall TV Season and My Favorite Celebrities

I wish the Fall 2012 television season would hurry up and get here. There have been a few shows to keep me entertained this summer, but nothing nearly as good as what is in store for me this fall.

My number one favorite show I’m most anxious to watch is How I Met Your Mother. We have the big question on How I Met Your Mother of who Barney is going to marry. Then there is the excitement of Lily’s pregnancy. Speaking of the character Lily, did you see the latest pictures to pop up on the internet of Alyson Hannigan? She sure looks pregnant, at least in this photo. I know photos can be edited, but what do you think?

Photograph courtesy of E online

I read up on my favorite celebrity news sites and it looks like Alyson is denying the rumors and blaming it on being bloated. Now I’ve been there so I know how that goes, and it would be terrible to be scrutinized so closely by the public eye. Still, I couldn’t help but be a tad bit disappointed. I think it would have been perfect timing if Alyson were pregnant in real life while her character on the show was pregnant as well. I’m sure she’d prefer it to wearing a fake baby bump.

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