How I Met Your Mother-Ducky Tie

Loved the silly little ducky tie story with Barney, Marshall and Lily. I love that he has to wear that tie for an entire year. It was a great way to break up the story of Ted and Victoria reuniting.

Oh Victoria and Ted…so glad the writers didn’t have them actually go down that road again. As much as I enjoy Victoria, we all know she’s not the mother, and I don’t think I could handle watching Ted in another dead end romance. The bomb Victoria drops on him at the end of the episode was pretty big. She said that Robin was the reason that none of his relationships have worked out, and that their just friendship status isn’t working.

Now we know from past episodes that Robin has something to do with Ted meeting the mother. It makes the whole Barney/Robin wedding seem even more likely. It’s what I’m hoping anyways. What are your theories?

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