How I Met Your Mother Fall Premiere-Best Man and the Naked Truth

It’s here, it’s finally here!! How I Met Your Mother season premiere, woohoo! We left off with the jaw dropper that Barney is getting married in the future, before Ted! Also Marshall and Lily just found out they are having a baby!! The opening starts with Ted and Barney where we left off. Barney is nervous about his wedding, and they relived Punchy’s wedding. This is where much of the episode takes place.

I can’t believe M&L thought they could keep their pregnancy a secret. With the amount they drink? I love the plan of Marshall drinking for two at the wedding. I’m totally stealing that when the Hubs and I have a little one. Plus it made great drunken Marshall. And Lily’s slip ups-“now that I’m pregnant in my mind uterus.” Bawhahahaa! Marshall ends up getting hammered, and all through the episode you think he’s going to mess up the wedding by accidentally breaking the cake, or hitting the bride. Instead he accidentally outs her pregnancy when he’s pointing to Lily and saying this beautiful woman is pregnant. Whoops!

I knew Robin still had feelings for Barney, but I was surprised she let Lily know in the first episode. I love their dance scene together. That must have been so fun to shoot. Love Robin’s new trimmer figure but I’m not liking the hair that much. She manages to pull it off though. But back to Barney and Robin: those two have great chemistry. Get back together already! But of course just as she about tell Barney how she feels, Nora calls him back. So she tells him how she feels so that he can repeat it to Nora. It was a heartbreaking moment. Almost as heartbreaking as Ted telling Robin that he’s lost his belief in fate and love. Marshall and Lily announcing that they’re pregnant renews his faith.

Of course the writers bounce us back to Barney’s wedding for more teasers and it’s pure torture. We see that Barney isn’t sure if he chose the right girl. Will it be Nora or Robin? My hope is Robin, but we’ll see.

In the second half hour, Ted has two dates after a bit of a dry spell. He then realizes he gets invited to an Architect’s Ball, and has to choose between the two girls.

Marshall gets a call from his dream job, and pending a background check and google search they said he’s hired. Unfortunately Marshall discovers he has some pretty embarrassing videos floating around in cyberspace. When he goes to beg his old college buddy to take the video down, he winds up getting trashed again and makes another video. Luckily his new boss has a great sense of humor and hires him anyways.

Meanwhile, Barney is screwing things up with his second chance with Nora. She makes him come clean about his lying. But she also makes him list all the ways he’s lied to get laid, and ends up leaving disgusted. He vows he’ll stay in the diner until she agrees to go on a second date with him. Towards the end of the episode, Barney wakes up in the diner booth with Nora gazing down at him. Awww!

Back to Ted’s story. He can’t choose which girl to take to the ball, so he takes Robin as his date. While he’s there, he sees Victoria! Remember her avid fans? Season 1? She was so adorable, the baker! They had the perfect night, and then she went off to Germany and they couldn’t survive the distance. The end of the episode shows the two of them locking eyes. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Sooooo exciting!

As usual, I’m equally happy and frustrated with this episode. All of the cliff hangers, none of the answers, but it was oh so good.

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