It’s OK Thursday-#7

Its Ok Thursdays
It’s OK…

…to be excited and sad all at the same time about having just turned 28 yesterday.

…to be a little freaked out that 30 is only 2 years away. Ack!

…to be 28 and STILL not know how to style your own hair. But buying my first straightener yesterday and getting a haircut for the first time in 7 months was a step in the right direction.

…to be completely frustrated with house hunting, to the point that you’re contemplating spending the down payment saved up on something ridiculously fun and frivolous like buy an RV with rv insurance or an overdue honeymoon with the Hubs to the Caribbean, (I won’t but I’m soooo tempted).

…to be ridiculously happy about the upcoming premieres of all your favorite tv shows starting next week.

…to be really nervous about white water rafting this weekend. People fall out of those rafts you know!

…to pack a lot of wine for the camping/white water rafting adventure. Who says camping can’t be classy?

…to already have your mantle decorated for fall. Maybe decorating for it will make it get here faster!

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