It’s OK Thursdays-Blues

Its Ok Thursdays
It’s OK…

…To be down sometimes. This is a hard fact for me to accept. I always feel e need to be happy and bubbly, but sometimes it’s ok to be a little sad.

…to pout when your blender dies after just a year. Luckily it was under warranty. Not sure how to survive without smoothies for 7 to 10 days though!

…to be really happy with your body for the first time in years. Eating healthy and exercise have finally paid off.

…to worry at now that you’re in the best shape you’ve been in, it’s going to be gone fast once you get pregnant.

…to feel bad for worrying about that at all, when what you should really be worried about is why it’s taking so long to get knocked up.

…to do everything you can to not obsess about that last sentence.

…to be so over these sunny days. Fall fashion beckons.

…that you already decorated for halloween. And want to do more decorating!

…to already have your Christmas cards done, and ready to be sent out in december. OCD much?

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