Tristan Gets a Haircut-Book Review

Tristan Gets a Haircut is a book by Trudee Lewis, about a cute little fluffy white Bichon Frise who is in need of a haircut. This is a book for young readers that helps increase their vocabulary. I think this would be the perfect book to read to my young niece and nephew because they both love to read and they love dogs. Tristan the dog gets brushed, washed, dried, trimmed and clipped at the groomers. The language is colorful and the pictures of Tristan adorable. Your child will love reading along with the story, and learning about dog grooming. This would be the perfect book for a child that has a dog in the home that needs regular grooming. It’s so important for kids to learn about animal care and helping out with their pet.
I also loved reading that the author, Trudee, lives with Tristan in Napa and the two of them work as a therapy team for Paws for Healing. If your child loves this book, this is the second in nine books written about Tristan and his adventures. I could see buying my niece and nephew the whole set of books. It’s definitely worth a read!

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