Posted by Arden Wallace

Ever since we got satellite TV from, my husband cannot stop watching movies. I am glad we are no longer paying rental fees because my husband used to rent movies and keep them forever before taking them back. I love to watch movies, but lately I just have not had any time to watch them. My husband watches a movie almost every night before he goes to bed. He sometimes falls asleep watching movies and comes to bed several hours after I have gone to sleep. I would not mind this, but our daughter is two months old and sleeps in a bassinet in our room, so whenever he comes to bed late he wakes her up. Then I am the one who gets up with her and has to get her back to sleep. My husband says he tries to be as quiet as he can when coming to bed, but I told him he needs to start watching his movies earlier. At least we have DVR so we he has the option of watching the movies whenever he wants to.

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