Once Upon a Time-The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I’m so excited that one of the people of storybrook is remembering his real life! Not just any person, but the sheriff of storybrook, the ever hunky Graham. He remembers his past and how he was a hunter for the queen. I was beginning to fear that this was the kind of show that wouldn’t progress through the story, much like the writers did with the show LOST.
But this episode marked some pivotal story changes and showed that the mayor does know that she’s the evil queen, something that was hinted at but only just now confirmed. It also showed why she has such control over Graham. Because she literally has his heart in a box.

Meanwhile Emma is realizing that she’s in love with Graham. Since she’s the key to saving the town, every time he kisses her he remembers more, until he finally remembers everything. But then the most horrible thing happens-the queen squeezes his heart, killing him, just as he remembers everything. I’m so sad that they killed him off! But also excited that they’re moving the story forward.

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