Once Upon a Time-The Sheperd

I love this show. It’s getting better and better. Does anyone else watch it? I love the mix of modern day with fairy tales. This episode centered around Snow White and her Prince Charming. It shows the history of how Prince Charming was forced to become engaged to King Midas’s daughter. He was even given titanium rings for their wedding. Luckily he met Snow White and ended up with her instead.

Then there’s the modern day version of Snow White and Prince Charming. He’s David, he has amnesia, and doesn’t want to be with his wife. He leaves her for Snow, aka Mary, is conflicted because David has professed his love. She wants to be with him, but she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker.

Of course the evil witch, aka Mayor, gets involved and tries to lead him astray. So he ends up in Rumpelstiltskin’s shop where his memory is jogged. He ends up going back to his wife and breaking Mary’s heart. Not the happy ending I was hoping for at all. Hopefully next week brings better luck for the folks of Storybrook.

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