Vampire Diaries-The New Deal

Wow, go Jeremy! He really acted like a badass this episode. I was happy to see him acting strong rather than just brooding and miserable. I loved the moment when Elena slapped Stefan for being a jerk. I love that her character is getting stronger too.
Man these writers really love to kill Alaric. I’m glad they never follow through with it, since his man candy is one of the main reasons I watch this show. Well that and Damon.
I can’t believe Elena had Damon compel Jeremy again. WTH? Does that mean he’s not going to be on the show anymore? Also where the heck was Caroline? I actually missed her, which goes to show how much her character has grown on me. I used to hate her. Now Bonnie? She can just go ahead and leave and not come back. That chick bugs me!
I’m so happy there is new tv programming on. I’ve been really tired of reruns!

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