Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

We just recently moved to a new area and I am still getting used to it. The people are really nice here, it is just hard adjusting to a new place. I got really used to knowing where everything is in our old town and seeing twenty people I know when I go to the grocery store! I am mostly going to miss our church. That is something that I just do not enjoy doing: visiting churches. It just feels so empty. Going to church, listening to the service, and then leaving without even talking to anyone. I know that is my own fault too, I need to be more outgoing. I did get to know our neighbor and that was great! She is so nice and I can really see us being friends. She helped me find out about ADT Pinnacle because that is the system that they have in their house and I knew I wanted to get a system in our new house. She also helped me figure out some churches that we are going to try that she says are more like our old church, which was very contemporary.

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