Once Upon a Time-Anyone Else Just Love This Show

I’m obsessed with Once Upon a Time. I love the costumes, the two worlds, the magic, the mystery. If I could be a guest star I would have such a great time on the show. I want to wear the fancy dresses. I’m thinking I would like to play Sleeping Beauty. She hasn’t made an appearance on the show, but I have no doubt that she will.

Tonight’s episode with the Mad Hatter was sort of freaky. I’m not a big Alice in Wonderland fan anyways, and I knew Once would make it even creepier than it already is.

I did love that Jefferson aka The Mad Hatter knows about the stories. I wonder how long it will take for Emma to be a believer. Henry has shown her time and again that his stories have a lot of truth behind them. Yet she’s still ever the skeptic. But at the end of this episode we start to see what may be a glimmer of belief cross her face. I can only hope she gets on board and starts believing in fairytale.

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