Day 6 of Modified Rest

Whelp folks, I’m back on pelvic rest. Only this time it’s more restrictive. I’m on modified rest, practically bed rest. I am allowed to cook if the meal takes under 30 minutes, and lightly wash the dishes as long as they aren’t heavy. I can walk for my daily activities-like to and from the bathroom, and I can drive to get from point a to point b. But that’s about it. No walking for exercise, no lifting, no cleaning (my OCD can’t take it!!) and pretty much no fun.

It will all be worth it. I have a mantra: it’s for the baby. I’m resting for the baby. I’m trying to stay as positive as possible, but it is definitely a downer. All the things I do to relieve stress are off limits: cleaning, exercising, organizing. I just hope the next few weeks go by quickly. I hope that all is well with our little baby, and I hope I can get off this rest and back on my feet soon.

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