How I Met Your Mother-Season 7 Finale

Robin is marrying Barney! I wanted so badly for it to be her. But at the same time, I’m a little worried. First off, remember when Barney was showing signs of doubt in that last flashback of the wedding? Where he was worried about the tie, and maybe he should have picked the other tie. It makes me wonder if he’s referring to Quinn.
As for Robin, she doesn’t look great in that ugly wedding dress, and she also looks really worried. Are they having doubts, or just being typical Barney and Robin? I just hope they actually go through with the wedding.
As for Ted’s storyline-I’m soooo mad that he drove off in the sunset with Victoria. How could he help break up a relationship like that? It’s obvious she was just going through a tough time. I’m excited to see where next season leads. I loved this finale, and while it raised all new questions, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re answered.

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