Parenthood-Left Field

Wow…what a powerful episode. Left field is the perfect title- I was completely blindsided by Cristina’s story at the end. Who would have seen that coming? I love how the show portrayed it. They do such a beautiful job with their instrumental montages. I was left bawling, just like I always am after one of their episodes.

The other story lines were good as well. I love watching Crosby grow up, and I’m glad he caved and synced his calendar with Jasmine’s. I also liked that Adam got the family a dog, though I was completely on his side. $1200 for a dog? Give me a break! I’m glad he didn’t cave to that part.

I felt so bad for Drew. His first real heartbreak. I think Sarah does need to back off a little bit and stop being such a helicopter parent. She should be lucky he even told her about the breakup!

Julia and Joel’s struggles with their foster son were heartbreaking as well. I love that she stayed at the school all day for him. I hope he starts to realize what an amazing woman Julia is, and be grateful to have her as a mom. I loved the little moment with Joel and Julia, where he tells her how amazing she is.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, even though I know it’s going to be sad. I really hope they don’t kill her off. I don’t think they could do that to the show. How would Adam go on? She’s a fighter-she’s going to beat this!

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