Vampire Diaries-Memorial

Elena is struggling with her vampire transition. She can’t keep blood down, and Stefen is being pigheaded in his determination to not let her accidentally kill someone. I get that he’s trying to protect her, but Damon is so much more practical. I love that she’s turned to him for comfort. It’s painfully obvious who she should be with! It’s funny that they skipped over her need for a ring to protect her from the sun. Hmmm. I suppose Bonnie just made one up real quick.

The new vampire hunter is quite the badass. Except he had so many chances to kill Elena and he didn’t take them. But that’s part of the drama right?

I liked the lantern scene, but my favorite was the moment where Damon is at Alaric’s grave and we get a glimpse of him again. I wonder if this means Jeremy will be getting a visitor!

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