Vampire Diaries Premiere-Growing Pains

I was excited for the premiere of Season 4 of the Vamp Diaries. We finally get to see Elena as a vampire. The show starts with the Salvatore brothers discussing possible cures so she won’t have to fully turn. BOO I say! I want to see Elena as a kickass vampire.

She starts tripping out and going through the process of changing. In what has to be my favorite scene, we see her remember a forgotten compelled memory with Damon, where he tells her how much he loves her. Swoon! I’m thinking she needs to find the best basement carpet she can and just hide out from the sun til Bonnie can get her a fancy ring, but unfortunately along comes the priest and his vigilanties on the counsel, here to eradicate the town of vampires for good.

I have a renewed interest in this show. I know it’s ridiculous but the acting is great, and the guys are all so stinking hot.

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