Cougar Town-Runnin’ Down a Dream


My favorite part of the episode was the “stranger touch” game. Touching a stranger without them catching you. I really want to try this.

Jules is searching for a new career, and is sad because she doesn’t have a calling. I know exactly how that feels. I have so many things I’m interested in in, but not one true passion. Meanwhile, Bobby has it all figured out. He buys a bunch of burgers for super cheap, and then sells them to drunks for 4 times what they’re worth from a food truck.

I love when Andy makes fun of Travis and Laurie, for their pretentiousness. He takes pictures with his cell phone that are just as good as Travis’s, and he makes cupcakes that Laurie can’t tell apart from her own.

Going back to Bobby’s food truck, Ellie ruins business by yelling at everyone and making them feel bad about themselves. Jules eventually rediscovers her love of real estate and gets her career groove back. I’m still struggling, but hopefully one day I’ll figure it out.

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