Lying Game-

What an episode! I am so so excited that the truth is finally out there, and that Ted finally knows about the twins. The story of why they were split up is still pretty fishy. It makes me feel even worse for Emma, now knowing that Ted would have tried to raise both of the twins if he had known about them.

Sutton is finally being nice. It’s about time, you spoiled little princess! I love that Laurel called her out on her behavior for the past 17 years.

And then there was the ending. Theresa’s body, floating in Alec’s pool. Woah. My heart broke for Ethan’s brother. Who killed her? Is it the same killer as Derek? One can only assume. It’s probably the same person that threatened Emma in the beginning. But who? Is it Becky? I know she’s kind of evil, but I don’t know if she’s that evil. I think she’s just a mixed up woman who really wants her original family back together.

I’m looking forward to the finale, and I’m wondering what cliffhangers the writers will leave us with this time. I hope we at least find out who the killer is, but if not, I’ll be happy if Emma finally goes back with Ethan, and Sutton goes to Thayer. Just as it should be.

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