Daydreaming of Moving

I love our house. In many ways, our first house has been our dream home, especially with the upgrades we’ve done to it. I often times can’t believe we actually live here. I also love the neighborhood, being right next to a park, and on a quiet tree lined street. But when the heat comes, there are times I find myself daydreaming of moving to another town. The summers here are brutal! In April the temperatures were already in the lower 90s and rising! I think this summer is going to be a scorcher.
So when the weather heats up and I feel like I can’t go outside, I think about getting a one way car rental and just hitting the road. We’d pack up all our stuff, and move to an area with all four seasons. Somewhere where spring is actually spring, and summer is mild. Nice, where you want to cool off, but not crazy hot.
Then I think even if we didn’t actually move, maybe we could just vacation. We could road trip across the US, renting a car one way, and then flying home. Checking out the news and seeing that the mid-west is currently dealing with snowstorms makes me think maybe the hot temps wouldn’t be so bad. If we got to go experience those different climates, maybe I’d appreciate our hometown just a little bit more. The hubs and I have always wanted to travel around the United States and I think it’d be a blast. I just hope our future son likes car rides!

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