Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs: book review

She thought she was ready to love her children. What she discovered, while giving birth and later holding the babies against her heart, was an emotion so intense that it burned a hole clean through her. Could the word love even begin to describe the feeling that swept over her? Could any word? She had expected a strong, intense bond, but nothing of this magnitude, this incredible protectiveness and tenderness that closed her completely in a grip of iron. Maternal love wasn’t all gentle sweetness. Instead, it was fierce and consuming, more a ace of nature than a feeling.

That quote, and so many more, made me fall in love with this book. It’s the first chick lit book I’ve read in a long time that felt real. The stepdaughter who isn’t perfect. The main character isn’t helpless or perfect, but instead quirky. She moves to her hometown and she falls in love. Meanwhile she discovers she’s pregnant with her self absorbed, cheating ex husband’s baby. A man who is more interested in playing PowerSports than being a parent. She rises to the challenge of being a single mom, and I loved following her through her journey.

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