Daydreaming of a Family Vacation

My hubs and I have always been extremely thrifty with our money. We’ve been together for 5 years now, and we’ve only gone on one vacation that didn’t involve visiting family. We took a trip up to Seattle, where my poor hubs (then boyfriend) promptly got the flu. He also lost his debit card (the ATM ate it) and we stayed in a terrible hotel that wouldn’t even give us extra blankets.

Now that we have a family of our own, it’s even harder to find the money and time for a vacation. I am excited for when our little man is just a bit older, and can enjoy taking a family trip. Right now he’s just a little too young for it to be enjoyable for us. We’ve traveled to Oregon, and also Carmel, and it was tough. He likes his routine, and at almost 5 months old, he gets really overstimulated in new environments. I think once he’s a few years old, potty trained, and no longer breast feeding, it will be more fun. It will also mean Daddy can help out more on the trips! Mama needs a vacation too. 😉


I would love to find hotels near Niagara Falls, as well as Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska. There is so much of this beautiful country that we’ve never seen, and we would love to. I think it would be fun to rent an RV and just travel the US.

For now though, every extra penny goes into our house, our biggest investment. We’re also saving up for a potential rental property. Then the goal is to pay off debt, and hopefully use the income from the rental to fund fun stuff like traveling and family adventures.

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