Saying Bye-Bye to Cable

This past week, the Hubs and I were discussing ways we can trim down our monthly budget. It made us cringe looking at our cable bill. With all the networks having their shows online, and with things like Redbox, Netflix and Hulu Plus, we thought, why are we paying so much just to have cable? So we’ve decided to cut ties with the evilness that is Comcast. I got a great deal on Uverse Internet and home phone, and at the start of the year, no more traditional cable tv.

I’m going to have to keep up with my shows another way. Most likely I’ll just watch them on my computer, but if we find we want to watch more, we may sign up for Netflix or Hulu Plus. I’m also going to get us a cheap antennae, which will allow us to watch all the local channels. I’m really excited about this change, and I hope it means that we read more, snuggle more, and most importantly, spend more time with little man.

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