Parenthood-Julia & Joel

I hate, hate, HATE this story line with Julia and Joel. I realize that divorce is a reality in our world, but Julia and Joel? He was such a good house husband, stay at home daddy. Then Julia just decided to become a lameo housewife, and make all of these huge life decisions without consulting her husband. I hate that Joel has just chosen to give up though. He could sit down and talk to her, they could try counseling. I hate this idea of just letting everything go because of a rough patch.

The story line with Amber is heartbreaking. I love that Seth is stepping up and being a good dad. It really is about time he redeemed himself.

The Hank having aspberger’s story is a good one. I love that Christina and Adam are actually excited that he might have it. I think it would be motivating to see an adult with the same disorder as your child. To see that they do have a good life, even if there are some problems in it.

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