My 60 Books in a Year Reading Challenge

In January, I challenged myself to read 60 books in a year. It didn’t seem like so many at the time, but I’m finding the task a bit daunting. I have read 23 books so far, and it seems like a lot! I’m enjoying myself, but I’m also finding that I’m rushing through books to keep on schedule. I’ve also run into the issue of finding books that keep my interest. I have already read through most of the ebooks that are available at my library. I think it’s time to start checking out physical books again. They are my preference to read, but I love the portability of the ebooks, and being able to read them during nursing time, or while waiting for water to boil while cooking.
I’ve got a few books on my Good Reads to read shelf, including Miami Blues, which is based in miami, Manhunting, and finishing off some of the series I’ve started. I think waiting for the books on hold is the hardest part!

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