A to Z Pilot-New Sitcom

A to Z - Season Pilot

I was looking for some summer programming to stream on a boring Saturday night, and I happened across a new pilot from NBC: A to Z. It stars Cristi Miliani, who you may recognize as the Mother from How I Met Your Mother, and Ben Feldman, whom I recognized from the movie, The Perfect Man.

From the start, I liked this show. It didn’t have the clunkiness of most sitcom pilots. I love the mystery surrounding the timeline of their relationship. It says they will date for a finite amount of time. So the question is, does that mean they will then get married, or they will then break up? I hope it’s the happily ever after, but who knows with television today? I’m still reeling from the ending of How I Met Your Mother (I was heartbroken writers. HEARTBROKEN!) so I’m hesitant to get emotionally invested in characters again, but why not? Looking forward to seeing more episodes this fall.

Also, I like the “sidekicks” aka best friends of each of the main characters. Another thing that sets this apart from the classic “Boy Meets Girl” scenario is that they’ve already met, and they’re already dating. I like that it’s a story of their relationship, not just how they end up meeting.

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