Growing Up Fisher Cancelled

Seriously, what is it with the major networks cancelling all of the cool new shows? It makes me so afraid to get excited about a new pilot series. First Surviving Jack, and now Growing Up Fisher? Come ON! For those of you who haven’t seen Growing Up Fisher, it’s a show about a boy and his family who are in the middle of divorcing. Also, his dad happens to be blind. I love that even though the dad is blind, he makes a point of being a strong, independent man who has his own law firm. He recently got a guide dog, and spent a fortune on him at Even without the guide dog he seems to be able to get around amazingly well. I loved the values on this show, and the quirky humor. The acting was impeccable and I’m severely disappointed in NBC for dropping the ball on this one. Why is it that shows like this get the axe before they have time to really develop their grove? And yet truly awful programming like 2 Broke Girls gets renewed yet again! UGHHHH!

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