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I’ve been working on a little project. We have these ugly old bar stools that I painted brown awhile back. They looked fine at the time, but now the paint is starting to chip and they just look terrible. I’m going to sand them down and stain them the same color as our beautiful dining room table. Sanding is such a giant pain in the booty! I didn’t realize just how long it takes to sand things, or else I never would have painted in the first place! I do know that the finished product will be well worth the effort, but it’s still a pain. I have even thought about abandoning the project altogether in favor of buying new furniture. I especially love teak, because it just weathers on its own, and doesn’t need to be stained or finished. check out Home and Patio Décor Center’s Anderson Teak selection! Aren’t they pretty? But alas, my budget is tight, so DIY projects are a must. Someday I will be able to buy new, and when I do, I’m definitely going to look into teak furniture. I just love this outdoor patio set.


I can picture sitting around with friends, having a great outdoor meal together. A girl can dream right?

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