Can’t Wait for Work Conference

Next month is my big annual work conference. I could not be more excited!! This year has been crazy stressful, with tons of big changes happening. So while there will be work happening at the conference, there will be a lot of time for fun as well. We have a dj facade and dancing the first night. Then there are drinks, socializing, and an all out game night the second night. I had an awesome time last year, and I expect this year to be even better. Is it May yet??


It’s SPRING! Finally! I love colder weather but this winter has been dragging on and on. I’m so glad for a little fresh air and sunshine. The little man has been so happy, dancing around, doing some epic
voyage air guitar singing and dancing out in the backyard. His laughter and his smile are infectious.
We are getting garden beds ready and fixing the house up for spring. I love this time of year!