Facts about me:

I’m a geek. I’m a goofball. I have no idea how to take a compliment. My dog is my best friend. I love singing for a crowd. I hate it when people try to burst my happy bubble. I love working out. I love to watch movies and then quote them later. I love going for walks. I love mornings. I love camping and being outside. I love the ocean. I hate when people confuse your and you’re. I hate goodbyes. I hate being judged. I hate guilt trips. I love animals. I love burrowing up next to my hubs for cuddles. I hate disorganization. I am a sitcom junkie and complete book worm. If you’re talking to me while I’m reading, I can’t hear what you’re saying.

The meaning of BDub:

Whenever Hubs and I take the pup for a walk, we call it a dubs  (w sound). That way he doesn’t perk up at the mention of walk. So I started thinking of a nickname for a bookworm, because worm is just too creepy. Hubs came up with BDubs and it just stuck.

Disclaimer: Occasionally I write reviews or posts for which I receive payment. All opinions are 100% my own.

One thought on “About

  1. No website yet. Browsing the web looking for someone to review my book. Your website it so cute – I will be back just to browse it. Hubby and I take our grandpup for walks and to the park to bark at the other dogs. Best part of the weekend when my daughter comes home from college on the weekends. Puppy gets more cuddles than I do – do I sound jealous? Anyway, I like you and your bubbly personality – I will visit often just for a pick-me-up and a smile.

    The Preacher’s Daughter.

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