Canvas TV Cover Up

I love that our TV is mounted above our fireplace mantel. However, when we’re not watching it, which is more often than not these days, I find myself staring at a black box on the wall.


After some extensive searching, and some far too expensive options online, I finally found a post through good ol’ Pinterest that seemed reasonable. She took a canvas print from Ikea and made a great cover up for their tv. Me, I decided to complicate matters by ordering a poster print, then covering it with modge podge onto a canvas I got for 40% off at Michael’s. Then with the help of the hubs, we made a backing that would hook over the tv, so we can easily remove the canvas when we feel like watching the boob tube.

The whole thing cost me about $40 by the time it was all said and done. Not bad if I do say so myself! We’ve been having fun looking up different places on the map too, which has been a bonus.


The room looks much better with the tv cover up. I’m so pleased with it! I do want to eventually make a frame for it, but it works great for now.


Hand Painted Ornaments

I know it’s nowhere even close to Christmas, but it’s never too early to be thinking of fun crafts to make for people. I absolutely love Christmas, and I love ornaments, so what better gift than hand painted glass ornaments for friends?

Here are just a few of my creations I’ve made so far. I started out by practicing making my own.

IMG_6995 This was the first ornament I made, for our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs. I’m sad that the paint kind of chipped off after I was done.IMG_6996

You have to be really careful that the acrylic has dried before adding the sealant. I prefer modge podge now, but before I had used a glass acrylic sealant that smudged. P1030935

Here’s a Cinderella & Prince Charming ornament I made for A after she married her Prince Charming.


I don’t love how the lettering turned out. I think next time I’ll use a thin pen, instead of trying to paint the lettering. P1030938


Here’s one of my favorites: the pregnancy ornament I made when I was pregnant with little man. It was also how I announced his gender, by painting the egg blue. Funny story, I accidentally posted this picture before we made the gender announcement, and my friend C saw it, and called me out! Whoops!


I could see making an ornament like this as a fun way of announcing a new pregnancy as well.

I’m looking forward to making new ornaments this fall, and coming up with fun personal gifts for my loved ones. Do you make craft gifts for friends? Isn’t it fun?