New House!

We finally closed on our new home last week! We have been hard at work on the home, painting and cleaning, getting it ready to move in. I love the open floorplan, the vaulted ceilings, and the baseboard molding. The only bummer is the vaulted ceilings make for some major noise traaveling. I feel like some GC’s sound proofing foam would be helpful around the door frames for the Little Man’s room.

Tonight is the first night we’ve stayed in the new home. We are so happy to be homeowners again! It feels good to be home.


Pinterest Makes Me Feel Lazy

I’ve always thought of myself as one of those really organized and cleanly people. That is until Pinterest came along. I swear some of the cleaning posts take it beyond just house cleaning and into a realm of OCDness that even I can’t compete with. Of course, with a toddler, aka baby tornado, it’s hard to keep things neat and tidy all the time. I would love to do half the things on these Pinterest boards, but I think I’ll settle for just having the bathrooms and kitchen sanitary for now! Someday I’ll have my OCD house back, and I’ll be one of those crazy OCD Pinterest people again.

Living in the Moment

The hubs and I have been doing a lot of projects around the house. Fixing up our home makes my heart happy. There is nothing quite as satisfying as completing a home renovation project and feeling that sense of accomplishment. I’ve got to live it up now, because before you know it, we will be old folks, who need to live in an assisted living home, powered by software. We won’t be able to work on our own home projects then. I am really doing all I can to live in the moment and appreciate the time of our lives right now!

Canvas TV Cover Up

I love that our TV is mounted above our fireplace mantel. However, when we’re not watching it, which is more often than not these days, I find myself staring at a black box on the wall.


After some extensive searching, and some far too expensive options online, I finally found a post through good ol’ Pinterest that seemed reasonable. She took a canvas print from Ikea and made a great cover up for their tv. Me, I decided to complicate matters by ordering a poster print, then covering it with modge podge onto a canvas I got for 40% off at Michael’s. Then with the help of the hubs, we made a backing that would hook over the tv, so we can easily remove the canvas when we feel like watching the boob tube.

The whole thing cost me about $40 by the time it was all said and done. Not bad if I do say so myself! We’ve been having fun looking up different places on the map too, which has been a bonus.


The room looks much better with the tv cover up. I’m so pleased with it! I do want to eventually make a frame for it, but it works great for now.


How to Organize Your Garage

Our garage was in desperate need of organization.P1070700



We’ve been wanting fancy built in storage for a long time. Rather than spend thousands on custom garage storage, we opted for prefabricated cabinetry at the Home Depot. They were having a 20% off sale, so we were able to buy 3 cabinets for under $600.

Slapped on some stain resistant paint, and we were set. My hubs mounted these to the wall so they wouldn’t tip over, and we were ready to go. P1080807






We’d still like to get at least one more work bench, and maybe another standing cabinet. But it works for now and it looks so much better than before!

Office Organization Overload

I’ve been going crazy organizing the house this past week. I think it’s the final 4 weeks of this pregnancy that have me on organization overload. I recently went through my file folders, and did some local presentation folder printing to make them look snazzy. I would love it if we had a little more storage in the office, but at least we have nicely organized folder cabinets now.

Someday our office will look like this, with built in desks and storage. Isn’t that pretty?

Getting the House Prepped

We’re down to the final month before Baby is due. I’ve been trying to finalize as many projects as I can before he gets here and takes up all my time. I’ve painted 2 of the 3 ceiling fans. I’ve hung blinds in the guest room and nursery. I’ve also finished putting away all baby clothes and washing all bedding and clothing. We’re ready for this little guy to get here!

Nesting, Nesting and More Nesting

I’ve been in crazy nesting mode this month. I’ve already completed a few projects for the nursery, including new blocks, painted letters for above the changing table, and I even painted his ceiling fan. It was this hideous brass monstrosity but now it’s all white, and makes the room look even bigger.

Of course the minute I cross a project off the list, I find another I want to do. Right now this one is high up on the list: a ruler height chart. I think it would look really cool in the forest nursery.


I like how this one is white, but I think I might leave mine the natural wood. We’ll see how it looks once I’m done sanding it. What is it about this nursery that just brings out my DIY side? I’ve been having so much fun!