Green Lantern-DVD Review

I finally watched Green Lantern tonight (thank you free HBO for 6 months, woot!). I have to say besides the every dreamy Ryan Reynolds this story just didn’t capture my interest. Maybe it’s because I was multitasking the whole time and watching it alone. Maybe it’s because I never read the comic. Either way, it just didn’t pull me in like some movies do. I think I’m not as big a comic book fan as I thought I was. But hey, at least I got to see Ryan with his shirt off. Growwwwllll.

Preggo Couch Potato

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my booty parked on the couch. I know that’s just going to increase the further along I get. I’m hoping to stock up on some of my favorite discount dvds and enjoy some quality tube time. Now if only I could figure out a way to sit comfortable without my back hurting. This baby is already a pain in my back. 🙂

How to Train Your Dragon-DVD Review

I absolutely LOVED this movie. It was so adorable. Hiccup and his dragon buddy Toothless. We took a break from me perusing thousands of online websites, looking for discount furniture stores in los angeles that might have a cute baby crib for our little one, when the Hubs suggested we watch the movie. It’s definitely in my top ten favorite animated movies. Dreamworks never disappoints. Great animation, sweet storyline, and just plain funny. I love how the dragon had the same mannerisms of a kitty. We laughed, we awed, and yes, I even shed a tear. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you rent it!

All About Steve

I caught this movie on late night tv. Despite the bad reviews I thought it was a charming story. It definitely wasn’t my favorite Sandra Bullock movie but it was still really cute. I liked her character Mary, who talks too much and knows random facts and has an extensive vocabulary. I’m not a big fan of Bradley Cooper, or his character Steve. He always comes across as such a creep, and this movie was no exception. I guess some people find him hot, but I am not one of those people. I love that in the end, she doesn’t get the guy, but she gains a lot of friends instead. Her wise departing words? “If you love someone, set him free; if you have to stalk him, he probably wasn’t yours to begin with.” So true Mary. So true.

The Help-DVD Review

I watched The Help the other night with a friend of mine, and I absolutely loved it. It was one of those movies that makes you cry, and there is more than one moment where I yelled at the tv. I really felt sucked into the storyline, of watching these stories from the view of the help, and all the injustice that these amazing and strong women went through. I won’t recount it all, I will just say that it’s a must see, and now I can’t wait to read the book, because my friend said it’s even better (as most books turned to movie usually are). The scenes with one of the help talking to the little girl and telling her, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” and having her repeat it back to her was just beautiful, and it makes me tear up just thinking of it. Go rent this movie now!

You Again-DVD Review

This was one of those movies where it’s just so frustrating to watch. If you want to see this movie, don’t read on, there are spoilers. Or you could just read the review and save yourself the hour and forty five minutes of torture. 😉 Your call.

First of all, Marni, played by Kristen Bell, doesn’t look dorky at all. She’s twice as cute as Odette Annabele, who plays Joanna, Marni’s arch nemesis.

Joanna is so TERRIBLE to poor Marni. But worse, Marni doesn’t stick up for herself at all which is super annoying.

So the premise is that Marni was a total geek in high school who always got picked on by Joanna, the head cheerleader. Marni then grows up and gets successful, and then finds out Joanna is marrying her older brother.

Marni doesn’t stand up for herself to Joanna enough, and then when she finally does, she does it publicly and ends up humiliating her brother in the process.

What’s so ridiculous is Marni’s family ends up getting mad at Marni even though Joanna is the terrible one. Oh and Joanna’s aunt and Marni’s mom were enemies in high school too. It was a silly side story that didn’t really add to the movie much.

The ending was just terrible. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Joanna that Marni’s brother called off the wedding after he found out what a horrible person she was? We’re supposed to pity her? Really?! And then they just apologize to each other and then it’s just all ok? And now they have to be sisters in law? SERIOUSLY?! What a dumb movie.

Don’t watch this movie. Bleck.

Tron: Legacy-DVD Review

Tonight I geeked out and curled up on the couch to watch Tron: Legacy. I was a huge fan of the first movie and this sequel totally brought me back to my childhood. If you haven’t seen the original you should. It’s so advanced for that time! In the sequel, Sam Flynn, the son of the creator of the digital world goes searching for his long lost father. He ends up finding himself in the world, playing the deadly games of the computer generated version of his father, Clu. His real father, Kevin, he ends up finding with the help of Quorra.

The actor who plays Sam Flynn is Garrett Hedlund and he is quite the piece of eye candy. Even if you’re not a nerd you can appreciate his yumminess.

Kevin tells his son that he created a perfect Utopia in the world. He explained that a new life form manifested itself in the world, called the Isos. They were perfect beings that didn’t have disease. Clu, his creation, ended up turning against him and killing the Isos, seeing them as inperfect. In the process of Kevin escaping from Clu, the portal back to the real world closed. When Sam stumbled into the portal, the portal opened back up. Kevin thinks that Clu is going to try to get out into the real world and wreak havoc on the world.


Quorra is one of the Isos, this much I figured out. And then things got really hard to follow. But the special effects were very pretty! She gets hurt in a battle and Kevin confesses that she’s an Iso to Sam. She’s the miracle, what he’s been protecting all these years.

It’s funny that the dad is such a total hippy zen guy, when he’s also a computer geek. The two generally don’t go hand in hand in my experience.

I won’t give away any more, mostly because it’s super hard to describe. It was a cool movie, but it made me want to watch the original again.

Going the Distance-DVD Review

I love it when I Netflix a DVD and it pleasantly surprises me. Any movie that makes me laugh out loud when I’m watching it alone is a good movie. Going the Distance was that kind of movie and it was awesome.

Drew Barrymore is Erin who is doing a summer internship in New York when she meets Garrett (Justin Long). They end up falling for each other even though she’s leaving to go back home to San Francisco six weeks later. They decide to embark on the biggest challenge two people can undertake, a long distance relationship.

The supporting cast helps make this movie so funny. Cristina Applegate as the tightly wound sister is so funny and Garrett’s two best friends cracked me up throughout the movie.

Of course the premise of this movie means there are going to be some sad moments, and some moments where you get frustrated with the two of them. The two of them each have someone in their workplace that tempts them. I spent some time yelling at the TV screen.

I won’t ruin the ending for you but just know in order for me to like a movie it has to have a happy ending and be a feel good movie.

Due Date-DVD Review

I had very low expectations for this movie. I netflixed it just because I love me some Robert Downey Jr. It’s one of those movies where the premise is crazy unbelievable but it’s entertaining enough that you overlook that fact.

Zach Galifianakis plays Ethan who is a complete weirdo/pothead/wannabe actor. Robert Downey Jr. plays Peter, a high strung architect who needs to get home from a business trip in time for the birth of his first child. He unfortunately runs into Ethan at the airport, gets his bag switched with him, and ends up on the no fly list and luggage that gets left on the plane. So Peter has no id, no money and no way to get home to his wife.

Cue Ethan to the rescue…sort of. They embark on a cross country road trip that is full of craziness and all kinds of awkward moments. Peter hands down is having absolutely the worst day of his life.

I won’t ruin the rest of it for you but I will say I was pleasantly entertained. There were a few moments that I laughed. Of course I got frustrated with parts, because you just feel like, how on earth can all of this crap happen to one poor guy? I don’t think I’d watch this movie again but it definitely wasn’t a waste of a rental.

Grown Ups-DVD Review

I sort of enjoyed this movie, even though I didn’t laugh much at the slapstick comedy. I didn’t find it all that funny. I think what I liked the most about this movie was the message. So many kids today spend all of their time online or in front of a video game or watching tv. Kids don’t know how to use their imagination and just play anymore. I love that Adam Sandler’s character works hard to get his kids to stop being cell phone junkies and to start living in the moment and having fun like kids. It was a really good message for today’s generation. One I hope to pass down to my kids.