Can’t Wait for Work Conference

Next month is my big annual work conference. I could not be more excited!! This year has been crazy stressful, with tons of big changes happening. So while there will be work happening at the conference, there will be a lot of time for fun as well. We have a dj facade and dancing the first night. Then there are drinks, socializing, and an all out game night the second night. I had an awesome time last year, and I expect this year to be even better. Is it May yet??


It’s SPRING! Finally! I love colder weather but this winter has been dragging on and on. I’m so glad for a little fresh air and sunshine. The little man has been so happy, dancing around, doing some epic
voyage air guitar singing and dancing out in the backyard. His laughter and his smile are infectious.
We are getting garden beds ready and fixing the house up for spring. I love this time of year!

Piano Chords

I’ve recently re-arranged our guest room, and I put our new keyboard under the window. I love how I can look outside while I play. Unfortunately, I still don’t know how to play. I haven’t had the time to practice, and I have no idea how to play a piano chord. I wish I could find something like the Guitar Center – chord buddy but for piano. Hopefully when work slows down I can start dedicating time to learn!

Music House

It finally happened! I got a keyboard! I cannot tell you how excited I am to learn to play. This keyboard was a gift from a friend. After my failed attempted to learn guitar, which I bought from guitar center, I have hopes that the keyboard will be more my style. I still hope for my son to learn to play guitar, or keyboard as well. I just need to get some headphones so I can practice while he sleeps.

Musical Home

It’s no secret that we’re a music loving family. We listen to music daily, and have frequent and spontaneous dance parties, rocking out to monster beats in the kitchen. I recently purchased a wireless bluetooth speaker to go with our tablet. I don’t know why I waited so long to get one. Now we can jam even louder! I love watching little man dance his little jig, and get goofy with us. Nothing quite like ending the day with a good dance party with your toddler!

Musical Fun

Now that the Little Man is three, I’ve been even more adamant about getting him involved in music. I recently stumbled upon the NAMM show, the National Association of Musical Merchants shows, which showcases new musical products. I found all kinds of things that would be fun for him to play. I’d still love to get him started on a keyboard. I think the two of us could have a lot of fun playing it together. Maybe this Christmas we will give him the gift of music.

Custom Napkins and Birthday Parties

I have been daydreaming about party planning some more. With Little Man’s birthday just 4 months away, I keep thinking of things I can make to celebrate his big 3rd birthday. I think it would be fun to design some custom napkins for the big day.

I still need to think of the right theme for the party too. This year Little Man might have his own opinion on what he wants. Last year we had a train theme, and the year before we did a Little Blue Truck theme. This year he’s still train crazy, and completely obsessed with Thomas the Train. I thought about doing a vehicle themed birthday, with planes, trains and automobiles. I have a feeling we’ll be doing train theme, specifically Thomas.


Fun custom napkins with Little Man’s name, and maybe really making the house look like the Island of Sodor would be pretty cool. We’ll have to find ways to make it different than last year. Either way, I can’t wait!

One Year Old Party Planning

My best friend’s little girl is turning one this summer! I cannot believe how fast time goes by. I have already started scheming up party planning ideas. I had so much fun throwing my son’s first birthday, and I want hers to be just as special. I would love to order premier table custom logo tablecloths to go with the theme.

She is thinking of doing a Neverland theme. Not too over the top girlie, but just the right amount of feminine touch. I found some adorable ideas on Pinterest-seriously what did we do without Pinterest?


I want to make her this wooden sign, but then it’d be super hard to ship it down to California. I could see about painting the planks and then putting it all together in person.

I also adore this cake!


I also know my best friend will come up with all sorts of cute ideas. I can’t wait to celebrate her birthday with her!

Project Inspiration

I just got back from a long road trip-over 11 hours in the car, ugh! It gave me a lot of free time to be able to do things like check out Pinterest and look at my project boards.

I have so many cool pins that I wish I had more time to work on. Right now, I really want to make these chairs by Ana White:


I also want to make this gorgeous wall clock. It would fill some dead space on my wall, and be such a great piece.


Time Off for Hobbies

Life has been so busy lately. I feel like all we do is work, work, work. I would love to have more time to learn the guitar. There has been a guitar plug I’ve wanted to buy, but it feels like a waste of money since I have no time to practice these days.

One of my New Year’s resolutions would be to find more time in my personal life for my hobbies again. Here’s hoping!