This is Us It is truly one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I’m sad that the season is already over, but I’m excited that there are at least 2 more to go, and hopefully many more after that. I have fallen in love with these characters (Jack, you are truly the perfect husband) and their storylines. I love that I cry every episode, and I am always left wanting more. It’s TV at its finest!

Fall Premiere Lineup

September is here, and you know what that means! It means so many awesome things: my anniversary, birthday, hopefully cooler temps, fall leaves, pumpkin everything, and new tv episodes! The hubs is going to be switching to graveyard shift, which means I’m in for quite a few solo evenings. I’m looking forward to relaxing with a few of my favorites, and also some new shows to keep me company. It’s going to be an interesting tv season, as we’ve cancelled cable, and I’ll be relying on the networks to post the shows the day after they air. It also means I may have to wait a whole week for some shows to unlock. But with this playlist, it looks like I will have plenty of time to play catch up!

Here’s a list of all the shows I’m looking forward to this fall in no particular order:

Returning Shows:
Vikings (the one show my hubby will watch with me!)
The Goldbergs
The Middle
Once Upon a Time
Big Bang Theory
New Girl
The Mindy Project
Grey’s Anatomy
About a Boy
Modern Family
Parks & Recreation (No idea what is in store for this show. The finale felt like the end of the series didn’t it?)
Vampire Diaries

New Shows I’m Hoping I like:
Marry Me
A to Z (already saw the preview episode and I love it!)
Red Band Society (again already saw the preview episode, blogged about it, loving it!)

Growing Up Fisher Cancelled

Seriously, what is it with the major networks cancelling all of the cool new shows? It makes me so afraid to get excited about a new pilot series. First Surviving Jack, and now Growing Up Fisher? Come ON! For those of you who haven’t seen Growing Up Fisher, it’s a show about a boy and his family who are in the middle of divorcing. Also, his dad happens to be blind. I love that even though the dad is blind, he makes a point of being a strong, independent man who has his own law firm. He recently got a guide dog, and spent a fortune on him at Even without the guide dog he seems to be able to get around amazingly well. I loved the values on this show, and the quirky humor. The acting was impeccable and I’m severely disappointed in NBC for dropping the ball on this one. Why is it that shows like this get the axe before they have time to really develop their grove? And yet truly awful programming like 2 Broke Girls gets renewed yet again! UGHHHH!

Surviving Jack-Why Did They Cancel This Awesome Show?

25029862_SAOk, just when I find a cool show I like, I find out it’s being cancelled. The latest on the chopping block is Fox’s Surviving Jack. It’s a show about a teenage kid and his crazy family. I love that it was set in the 1990s. I grew up in the 90s and could completely identify. If that wasn’t awesome enough, there’s an entire episode where the mom is losing her friendship with her son. “He was my best friend!” I feel the exact same way about my little guy, and it makes me so sad to know that one day he will be too cool for me. I will probably just as crazy as that sitcom mom too.

Red Band Society-New Series Premiere

red-band-society-foxWow. Just…wow. I guess I was expecting a campy comedy considering it was on the Fox Network. I didn’t realize that it would be so deep. The premise is centered around sick kids that live in a hospital. One of the kids forms the “Red Band Society”, giving all the other kids his red bracelets from his various surgeries.
I was blown away not only by the acting, but also by the music. I was moved, but there were also moments that made me laugh, and helped to ease the undertone of sadness that inevitably comes when watching a show about sick teenagers. I can’t wait to watch these characters develop and to see where the show takes us.

A to Z Pilot-New Sitcom

A to Z - Season Pilot

I was looking for some summer programming to stream on a boring Saturday night, and I happened across a new pilot from NBC: A to Z. It stars Cristi Miliani, who you may recognize as the Mother from How I Met Your Mother, and Ben Feldman, whom I recognized from the movie, The Perfect Man.

From the start, I liked this show. It didn’t have the clunkiness of most sitcom pilots. I love the mystery surrounding the timeline of their relationship. It says they will date for a finite amount of time. So the question is, does that mean they will then get married, or they will then break up? I hope it’s the happily ever after, but who knows with television today? I’m still reeling from the ending of How I Met Your Mother (I was heartbroken writers. HEARTBROKEN!) so I’m hesitant to get emotionally invested in characters again, but why not? Looking forward to seeing more episodes this fall.

Also, I like the “sidekicks” aka best friends of each of the main characters. Another thing that sets this apart from the classic “Boy Meets Girl” scenario is that they’ve already met, and they’re already dating. I like that it’s a story of their relationship, not just how they end up meeting.

Parenthood-Julia & Joel

I hate, hate, HATE this story line with Julia and Joel. I realize that divorce is a reality in our world, but Julia and Joel? He was such a good house husband, stay at home daddy. Then Julia just decided to become a lameo housewife, and make all of these huge life decisions without consulting her husband. I hate that Joel has just chosen to give up though. He could sit down and talk to her, they could try counseling. I hate this idea of just letting everything go because of a rough patch.

The story line with Amber is heartbreaking. I love that Seth is stepping up and being a good dad. It really is about time he redeemed himself.

The Hank having aspberger’s story is a good one. I love that Christina and Adam are actually excited that he might have it. I think it would be motivating to see an adult with the same disorder as your child. To see that they do have a good life, even if there are some problems in it.

The Tomorrow People

Shows on the CW have long been my guilty pleasure. I like to curl up on the couch and watch silly shows. Take The Tomorrow People for example. I love the fantasy aspect of the show. People with super powers, the next step in the evolutionary track. The special effects are actually pretty good. So far I like the premise and storylines. I am also loving the man candy. Seriously, CW great job once again with the casting. But one question? Are we supposed to believe that these people are in high school? This guy is 25 in real life. I think playing an 18 year old is pushing it, don’t you? Eh, I can’t complain. I get to watch him with his shirt off. Knowing he’s not a teen makes me feel less like a creepy old lady. 😉 MV5BMjEyMDA4NjY0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDgzNDIxMDE@._V1_SX214_

How I Met Your Mother Finale Season Premiere is Tomorrow Night!

I’m so excited that How I Met Your Mother is back for its final season! Not only have they finally revealed the long awaited mother, but now we get the chance to get to know her! This is my all time favorite show and I couldn’t be more excited. Check out a sneak peek of the premiere episode. If you’re a diehard fan like me, you will not be disappointed!

House Hunters Makes Me Envious

House hunters is one of my favorite shows to watch. But lately everytime I watch I get a little envious. I watched an episode where a couple was doing their jacksonville nc home search, and they just get so much more home for their buck. California home prices are lower these days, but the home sizes are nothing compared to on the East Coast. I drool over the beautiful brick buildings, and the huge master suites. Makes me want to relocate! ar122527653183854