Lying Game-

What an episode! I am so so excited that the truth is finally out there, and that Ted finally knows about the twins. The story of why they were split up is still pretty fishy. It makes me feel even worse for Emma, now knowing that Ted would have tried to raise both of the twins if he had known about them.

Sutton is finally being nice. It’s about time, you spoiled little princess! I love that Laurel called her out on her behavior for the past 17 years.

And then there was the ending. Theresa’s body, floating in Alec’s pool. Woah. My heart broke for Ethan’s brother. Who killed her? Is it the same killer as Derek? One can only assume. It’s probably the same person that threatened Emma in the beginning. But who? Is it Becky? I know she’s kind of evil, but I don’t know if she’s that evil. I think she’s just a mixed up woman who really wants her original family back together.

I’m looking forward to the finale, and I’m wondering what cliffhangers the writers will leave us with this time. I hope we at least find out who the killer is, but if not, I’ll be happy if Emma finally goes back with Ethan, and Sutton goes to Thayer. Just as it should be.

Cougar Town-Runnin’ Down a Dream


My favorite part of the episode was the “stranger touch” game. Touching a stranger without them catching you. I really want to try this.

Jules is searching for a new career, and is sad because she doesn’t have a calling. I know exactly how that feels. I have so many things I’m interested in in, but not one true passion. Meanwhile, Bobby has it all figured out. He buys a bunch of burgers for super cheap, and then sells them to drunks for 4 times what they’re worth from a food truck.

I love when Andy makes fun of Travis and Laurie, for their pretentiousness. He takes pictures with his cell phone that are just as good as Travis’s, and he makes cupcakes that Laurie can’t tell apart from her own.

Going back to Bobby’s food truck, Ellie ruins business by yelling at everyone and making them feel bad about themselves. Jules eventually rediscovers her love of real estate and gets her career groove back. I’m still struggling, but hopefully one day I’ll figure it out.

New Girl-Always Full of Laughs

new girl

If you’re not watching New Girl, you need to turn off whatever horrible reality show you’re watching, go to On Demand, and catch up. New Girl is possibly the best lighthearted comedy on television right now. I consistently belly laugh every episode. It’s the perfect pick me up after a bad day. I also like that you can watch the show out of order if you wanted, and you wouldn’t be too lost. That said, if you’re missing an episode to watch some mindless drivel like The Bachelor, you should be smacked upside your empty head. Just sayin’.

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from this season so far:

Schmidt: Hey, Winston, tell him what you have.
Winston: Sympathy PMS. It’s a real thing, I looked it up.
Nick: Sympathy PMS? What’s that?
Jess: No! PMS is mine! Stop stealing my stuff, Winston.

Melissa: I’m 32, but my eggs are 48, and my vagina is 97.
Nick: I am so uncomfortable.
Sadie: But it gets better with age. It’s like the vagina Helen Mirren.
Nick: Oh, boy.

[After Nick’s father, Walt, convinced Jess to buy a horse for Nick]
Walt: I already got people standing by to take the horse off our hands. Horse semen in Dubai is gold!
Jess: No, you can’t sell A Father’s Love. There’s more to A Father’s Love than just semen! Ew! Poetic, but ew.

Now go watch New Girl, and then thank me later for all the laughs. You’re welcome!

Vampire Diaries Premiere-Growing Pains

I was excited for the premiere of Season 4 of the Vamp Diaries. We finally get to see Elena as a vampire. The show starts with the Salvatore brothers discussing possible cures so she won’t have to fully turn. BOO I say! I want to see Elena as a kickass vampire.

She starts tripping out and going through the process of changing. In what has to be my favorite scene, we see her remember a forgotten compelled memory with Damon, where he tells her how much he loves her. Swoon! I’m thinking she needs to find the best basement carpet she can and just hide out from the sun til Bonnie can get her a fancy ring, but unfortunately along comes the priest and his vigilanties on the counsel, here to eradicate the town of vampires for good.

I have a renewed interest in this show. I know it’s ridiculous but the acting is great, and the guys are all so stinking hot.

Parenthood-Left Field

Wow…what a powerful episode. Left field is the perfect title- I was completely blindsided by Cristina’s story at the end. Who would have seen that coming? I love how the show portrayed it. They do such a beautiful job with their instrumental montages. I was left bawling, just like I always am after one of their episodes.

The other story lines were good as well. I love watching Crosby grow up, and I’m glad he caved and synced his calendar with Jasmine’s. I also liked that Adam got the family a dog, though I was completely on his side. $1200 for a dog? Give me a break! I’m glad he didn’t cave to that part.

I felt so bad for Drew. His first real heartbreak. I think Sarah does need to back off a little bit and stop being such a helicopter parent. She should be lucky he even told her about the breakup!

Julia and Joel’s struggles with their foster son were heartbreaking as well. I love that she stayed at the school all day for him. I hope he starts to realize what an amazing woman Julia is, and be grateful to have her as a mom. I loved the little moment with Joel and Julia, where he tells her how amazing she is.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, even though I know it’s going to be sad. I really hope they don’t kill her off. I don’t think they could do that to the show. How would Adam go on? She’s a fighter-she’s going to beat this!

Guys With Kids-Fall Preview

There are many things I do not like about Comcast, but their On Demand I do like. Having all the new fall shows on my On Demand and being able to watch BEFORE they air is ah-mazing.

I’ve been watching a lot of previews for Guys With Kids and it made me laugh out loud. I do wish they would get rid of the canned laughter. Isn’t it about time TV did away with it?

It was an okay show-not really that great. All of the parents seem really unhappy, and nobody is all that grateful about the fact that they have kids. Ok, maybe I’m just bitter because I’d give anything to have a living baby. Still, I think I’d watch this if nothing else was on. If they’d get rid of the canned laughter I’d be happier too.

Go On-Laughing Through the Grief

I love Matthew Perry. I have loved him ever since her stole my heart as the wise cracking Chandler on Friends. This new show is about a man who loses his wife suddenly in a car accident. He has to go to grief counseling, where he meets a very eclectic bunch of people such as the lonely lady grieving her dead cat or the random knee walkers at andrew street guy who seems to join every group there is, even the lamaze class. At first he doesn’t take it seriously, but then he realizes that he really does need the help from group.

I love the blend of humor and sadness that this show captures. Going through grief right now myself, I can truly relate. Sometimes when things suck, we just have to find the humor. I will definitely be tuning into this show in the fall. I hope it sticks around!

Fall Television Line Up 2012

I was watching some late night ET and they were discussing the upcoming fall 2012 TV lineup. They were praising such terrible shows as Two Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men, and hating on my favorites, New Girl and Happy Endings. Seriously? Is this what we’ve come to? New Girl and Happy Endings consistently make me belly laugh every time I watch them. I tried watching Two Broke Girls and with the canned laughter, crass humor, bad acting and god awful one liners, I just couldn’t see the appeal.

Then again, in a society where reality tv reigns supreme, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Disappointed in my fellow tv viewers? Yes. Surprised? Sadly, no.
I just hope that the networks will use their brains and won’t cancel two of my favorite shows.

How I Met Your Mother-Season 7 Finale

Robin is marrying Barney! I wanted so badly for it to be her. But at the same time, I’m a little worried. First off, remember when Barney was showing signs of doubt in that last flashback of the wedding? Where he was worried about the tie, and maybe he should have picked the other tie. It makes me wonder if he’s referring to Quinn.
As for Robin, she doesn’t look great in that ugly wedding dress, and she also looks really worried. Are they having doubts, or just being typical Barney and Robin? I just hope they actually go through with the wedding.
As for Ted’s storyline-I’m soooo mad that he drove off in the sunset with Victoria. How could he help break up a relationship like that? It’s obvious she was just going through a tough time. I’m excited to see where next season leads. I loved this finale, and while it raised all new questions, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re answered.

Once Upon a Time-Season Finale

Wasn’t it amazing? Emma fighting a dragon, Henry almost dying but then waking up, Rumpelstiltskin getting his Belle back, and Emma broke the curse! That moment where David and Mary Margaret find each other in the street…magical. I couldn’t help but wonder though…where’s the catch? I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. And then it did-when Mr. Gold dumped the love potion into the well. It started leaking out into Storybrook like sieves. It turns out he released magic back into Storybrook, which was magic free before the curse.

What does this mean for the next season of Once Upon a Time? I don’t know but I know I can’t wait to find out. I’m just so excited that the characters of Storybrook remember their true identities.