Boob Tube Babble-Once Upon an Awesome Premise

Boob Tube Babble

This week I’ve been anxiously waiting for our loan to fund. How many hoops must a homebuyer jump through? Uck. Also, I’m trying to soak up tv since once we move we’ll probably be without for at least 3-5 days. Hopefully less!

So this week I watched all of my regulars, and as previously blogged, I started up with Once Upon a Time. This show is seriously awesome guys. If you’re not watching it, start! I love fairytales and seeing them with a new spin is just awesome.

I’m not going to recap each episode of the shows I watched. But I will just give you a brief rundown of what’s frustrating me:

-How I Met Your Mother: OMGosh! Robin and Barney kiss! But what does this mean for Barney and Nora? And Robin and Kevin? And what about that guy she keeps running into that Ted teased us with, saying their story wasn’t over yet? I need more input!

-Desperate Housewives: Why are Lynette and Tom separated? It makes zero sense. They were the one couple who had the most chemistry. They better get back together before the series ends.

-Parenthood: How annoyed are you with Sarah? I’m so pissed at her. She finally gets the hunky teacher, and she’s pinning away for her deadbeat rehab flunky ex husband? REALLY?! Also Jasmine and the doctor make me sad. Poor Crosby’s face is pure heartbreak when she says it’s getting serious. Oh and Haddie’s reaction to her baby sister is pretty selfish, though I think I’d be annoyed if my parents had a baby when I was 17 too.

-Parks & Recreation: I want Leslie and Ben back together. Boo to their breakup. It sucks. The end.

Boob Tube Babble-Premieres Galore!

Boob Tube Babble
Holy watched too much TV batman! After writing them all down I’m a little amazed at just how many shows I was able to see this week. Thank God for DVRs right? Still, looking at this list I’m grateful I was still able to leave the house and see the 3 dimensional people. ūüėČ Great week of premieres though!

  • How I Met Your Mother-I already did a write up on it, so I won’t repeat myself. I’ll just say it was awesome as always. “Streaking around the East Village showing brain.” Freaking hilarious quotes!
  • Two and a Half Men-Don’t ask my why I watched this show, but I did. I was sucked in by Ashton Kutcher, and I wanted to know how they’d handle the Charlie Sheen debacle. I didn’t watch much of the show before, so it’s hard to judge what it was like previously. Ashton’s character is kind of funny, but I don’t think I’ll continue to watch the show. I just don’t see the appeal.
  • 2 Broke Girls-What can I say? I was bored so I watched it. The promos were terrible so I had very low expectations. It was pretty terrible and the jokes were vulgar. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how bad it was.
  • Tia & Tamara-I’m still sad for Tia that her man is always gone. I think I’ve seen him on the show twice briefly and they have a baby due soon. Wtf? Tamara decides to try to get back into her career. It’s still so amazing to see how different these two sisters are. Tamara is very immature and seems to cry at the drop of a hat. She also can’t even be away from her husband for one night, when her pregnant sister needs her. That’s so freaking lame to me. I’m glad she has her sister to encourage her to have her own personality and not to wrap her world around her husband.
  • The Lying Game-Ugh, I can’t stand Sutton! Bitching out Emma for kissing her boyfriend, meanwhile she’s hooking up with another guy. Lame! But the look on her face when Ethan dumps her ass is priceless. Haha! I can’t believe that Sutton found Annie. And what the heck are up with her dad and Madeline’s dad and the connection with Annie? Madeline’s dad is sooo creepy and shady. I’m pretty sure he beat up Eduardo and landed him in the hospital (ps Eduardo is hot stuff!). This show is getting better and better. I love the mystery.
  • New Girl-Love this cast. But the minute I saw Damon Wayons Jr. I was like, ack does this mean Happy Endings is canceled? Lucky for me it’s not. But that means they have to recast his character on New Girl. On to the plot: I feel bad for Jess, who has just caught her boyfriend cheating. She ends up moving in with three bachelors and of course hilarity ensues. “I don’t want her. I want to come home at the end of a long day and let my beans out. Let em breath.” Hilarious quote. She’s a total basketcase because of her breakup, and it’s so funny to watch.
  • Raising Hope-That baby is so stinking cute! Not all tv babies are very cute, but Hope is just precious. I love her little laugh. The Chance family always cracks me up, and the season premiere was no exception.
  • Up All Night-Oh the Brinkleys. They are trying so hard to be cool, but they’re having to face the facts that they’re “those neighbors” now. I love how much they try to impress their new trendy neighbors who are so ridiculous.
  • Free Agents-I tuned in this week, hoping the show would be less sad and more funny now that they’ve set the premise. I liked the flirtations lessons that she tries to give Emma. I did laugh a bit more than last week and it wasn’t nearly as depressing. It’s still not my favorite show.
  • Vampire Diaries-Is it just me or has it gotten way more scary and gory? Ewww so much blood. And I totally jumped when Jeremy sees both of his dead girlfriends. Spooky! I love love love the sexual tension going on with Damon and Elena. I want them to be together but I just don’t see how that’s possible since we all know Stefan will end up back to normal eventually.
  • The Secret Circle-I wasn’t as impressed this week but I will still keep watching. I can’t stand Faye. That girl is terrible! And now the rest of them are bound to her forever, bleck. I think next door neighbor hottie is way cuter than Adam, the one that Cassie has this special connection with. But he’s not bad on the eyes either.
  • The Middle-The camping trip was hilarious, especially the honeymoon flashback. It’s totally what me and the Hubs would have done if we’d had the time. We have only gone on camping trips since we got married actually, so I guess that’s our vacation of choice. The Hecks did it in true style, with screaming and yelling and awkward family moments.
  • Modern Family-Amazing freaking show as usual. I laughed SOOOO hard. The dude ranch episode was funny, but my favorite was the following episode where Lily talks about wanting to “kill the baby”. OMG so creepy/funny. The scene with Mitchell’s inability to share, and Cam’s coddling were so freaking funny. If you’re not watching this show you are missing out hardcore.
  • Community– The study group takes Bio together.
  • Parks & Recreation– Love my Parks & Rec crew.

Boob Tube Babble-Distracted TV Watching

Boob Tube Babble
This week my TV watching was a bit distracted. We put an offer in on a house and we’re waiting to hear back. EEEEEE!!! In the meantime I’ve filled up my idle time with a lot of tv but in the back of my head I just keep thinking I hope I hope I hope we get it.


1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager-Some story lines were downright annoying, but the one I cared about was Ricky and Amy. She’s sucking up to him big time hoping he’ll propose and he’s milking it. The good news is he has a plan to propose on graduation night! But this episode just felt like a time waster leading up to next week’s episode. All of the side stories just bugged me. Who cares about Madison? That girl is just plain aggravating.

2. Tia & Tamara– This is the epitome of a chick show for me. Totally girlie and over the top fake drama. These girls are so silly! But I love watching the circus unfold. Tamara is such a stress case over the wedding and worrying about way too much. Tia is kind of wrapped up in her own world, which is kind of a bummer. At the same time, she’s super pregnant and not in the wedding spirit, which is understandable but also frustrating since when it was her day, Tamara was there for her. The whole baby moon thing that Tia wants to do, the same weekend as Tamara’s wedding is a little F’d up. If she really has to have one, couldn’t she go up a day early? Oh and modeling lingerie for her twin sister is kind of creepy. I also feel like the baby moon story line was a little bit staged. I also feel bad for Tia because it seems like her husband Cory doesn’t care much about about her. He just has this aloof presence. Is it just me who thinks that?

3. The Lying Game-The pilot ended on a suspenseful note when Sutton is in a car and lets out a gasp when someone gets in the car, but we don’t see who it is. I was confused when I saw it and actually thought it was Emma. The second episode starts with Emma waking up in Sutton’s bed and still being distracted and worried about where Sutton is. She’s now in cahoots with Ethan, Sutton’s secret boyfriend. It’s good that Emma has at least one person to talk to. Only problem is Laurel overheard some of their convo. Sutton finally contacts Emma, and we now know she’s in LA with one of Sutton’s friends’ brothers. There are some family secrets still being hinted at, and Sutton’s parents catch Emma with Ethan.

You know what bugs me about this show? Why couldn’t they just use actual identical twins? It’s like the Parent Trap all over again. It just bugs me! The other part that killed me was the ballet dance scene where Sutton’s friend has her hips sticking out like she’s in dire need of a burger. It’s sooo gross. What is wrong with girls today? EAT SOMETHING!

 4. Million Dollar RoomsРI stumbled across this show while I was channel surfing and it was awesome! They show these over the top lavish rooms that these crazy rich people have spent millions on. I love shows like that.


Boob Tube Babble-Home Alone Couch Potato

Boob Tube Babble
My hubs had to work 7 days in a row, from Friday to Thursday, so I spent a LOT of time on the couch this week. There’s just something about having the TV when you’re home alone that makes it feel a little less lonely. Anyone else feel that way?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager-The overall message about checking people’s phones that everyone kept bringing up seemed way too much like a public service announcement but that happens a lot on this show. Grace is defending Ricky and Amy and tells Adrian she’s awful. She really is a terrible person. She’s after Ricky and she also sleeps with Ben. Are teenage girls these days really this slutty? I sure hope not. I like that Grace’s character is less selfish, but when she panics when her new boyfriend asks if he can see her phone its obvious that she still has some growing up to do. Meanwhile Amy has been brokenhearted that Ricky won’t talk to her. They end up actually having a grown up conversation. It shows how much the characters have matured and it made me happy. Hopefully the writers keep those two together. And can someone just write Adrian off the show? That girl is so annoying!


Ellen– Reruns: Willow Smith was on Monday’s show. I didn’t realize that Will Smith’s kids were getting so old. She’s 10 and kind of¬†crazy. She’s really cute but her style is very out there. Tuesday was an extremely powerful episode with Ellen’s wife Portia De Rossi. She talks about her book and her struggle with anorexia. I definitely teared up and the way she talked about it struck a familiar cord with me. I never got as bad as her, but in my teens and even in my early 20s I struggled with an eating disorder. It’s one of those things that is so easy to fall back into and interviews like this just remind me of how easy it is to fall back into bad patterns.


¬†America’s Funniest Home Videos-Sometimes it’s just so nice to giggle. My hubs and I caught an old rerun on tv this week and it cracked us both up. The best one was a little boy who gets his head stuck in a cat house, with the cat still in it. So funny! I wish I had a picture of it because it’s hilarious.

Tia & Tamara-I just found out that they have a new reality show. I don’t know what it is about these twins but I’ve always liked them, even though their sitcoms and movies were incredibly cheesy. The show is following one sister who is planning her wedding (I love weddings!) and one sister who is getting ready to have a baby (I love babies!) so this show is sort of perfect for me.

The first episode I saw was “Last Fling Before the Ring” where Tamera is about to have her bachelorette party. Tamera is upset because Tia won’t come to the bachelorette. Tia makes a good argument against it, “I’m almost 8 months pregnant.” No doubt. Sorry but what crap timing to be knocked up right before your sister’s wedding. BOO.

I’m shocked to learn that Tamera chose not to live with her fiance before getting married. They are definitely in for some changes! Watching them do their registry together was pretty cute. You could see the love there.¬† I feel bad that the two sisters are dealing with huge life moments at the same time. There’s going to be a lot of toe stepping during this process. It makes me grateful that I don’t have a sister in some ways. There were a lot of mini melt downs and a few unnecessary tears but it was still fun to watch. I will probably dvr the series.

The Lying Game– I did not expect to like this show. I watched it on Hulu when I was bored and I was surprised to discover that I actually liked it. It annoys me that the twin who was brought up by adoptive parents is such an ungrateful snob. How does that happen? Then the twin who ended up in the foster care system is the complete opposite (of course!). All of this is all very predictable but what has drawn me in are the mysteries. The snobby twin, Sutton, tells the hard knocks twin, Emma, that her birth parents knew she was a twin and split them up on purpose. She is on a mission to find their birth parents so she convinces Emma to switch places with her while she runs off to LA to search for them. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, after Sutton doesn’t return from her LA trip, and Emma is attacked by a stranger in the shadows. I will definitely be tuning in to see who Emma’s attacker is.


¬†Nine Lives of Chloe King-Why did I think last week’s episode was the finale? I’m so glad it wasn’t! The actual finale was Tuesday ¬†nightand it was amazing. Chloe goes off on a day trip with Brian who is searching for his grandmother who his dad said was dead. While Brian is reuniting with his long lost Granny-roo, Chloe gets a text from her long lost Daddy (or so she thinks, but I was skeptical) saying he wants to meet her in SF that night!

Then Chloe confesses to her mom that she’s in love with Brian and poor Alek overhears every word. The rest is just so intense I don’t know if I can give you a play by play. It was by far the best episode yet. I can’t believe Chloe’s mom’s business meeting was with Brian’s evil father. I can’t believe the Order killed Jasmine and her mom. I can’t believe the killer was Alek’s brother. I can’t believe that it was Brian’s grandmother who was the ringleader for the attacks. I can’t believe Chloe lost another one of her lives when she falls for the dad trap. It was really just a bunch of goons and a member of the Order. But mostly, I can’t believe they killed off Brian!

The last scene is this slow motion shot of Chloe’s friends running into the theater to find Chloe, with bullet holes in her shirt, and Brian dead on her lap. ¬†I’m betting he’s not really dead but just badly hurt. All I know is there better be a second season because that was amazing and INTENSE!

Boob Tube Babble-House Hunter Hoping

Boob Tube Babble
It was a slow tv watching week for me. We went house hunting on Tuesday (YAY!) and so I’ve been spending most of my time watching the mls sites and not much time watching tv. Here’s what I did catch:

1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager: This week’s episode was just meh. I couldn’t really get into the storylines at all. Good for Ricky’s mom for going back to AA, but honestly I could care less about her character. Ben manages to resist Adrian’s “charms”. Let’s face it, Ben has never been very attracted to Adrian and only got with her to make Amy jealous, so I’m not surprised there. Nothing else really stood out to me, but I’m intrigued by next week’s episode preview. Ricky better not be all lame and leave. Can those two just get along please?

2. House Hunters International-They had a family that had a million dollar budget for their vacation home. I would give anything for a budget like that for one home let alone a vacation home! They ended up with a drool worthy home in Panama. I wonder if we watch House Hunters long enough, if somehow we’ll be able to magically afford that beautiful Table Rock real estate.

3. Ellen (Rerun)-I really loved the rerun Wednesday about twits & Ask. It’s clever, it’s almost dirty sounding. I love it. Favorite quote of the episode? “You might be a lesbian if you kissed George Clooney and you don’t remember it!” Oh Ellen you crack me up!
On Thursday Ellen had one of my favorite How I Met Your Mother stars, Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily, on the show. Any show that has any HIMYM characters on it makes me automatically love it.

4. Nine Lives of Chloe King-We left off with Chloe kissing Alex (yay!). This week Brian is pissed after spotting Chloe kissing Alex and Alex is pissed that Chloe still has feelings for Brian. Oh teenage love. Chloe needs to tell her Mom about the fact that she’s not human. It’s driving me crazy!