Boob Tube Babble-So Many Good Shows

Boob Tube Babble
I’m having trouble doing a write up of all the shows I watch. It’s kind of sad just how much tv I watch in a given week. Well, that’s what happens when your job is to freelance write/take paid surveys/be a domestic goddess. So some shows I watch in the background while others I’m riveted to from start to finish. I swear I do go outside at least once a day! 😉

That said this is what I watched this week:

How I Met Your Mother: Drumroll please! Oh Victoria, she is so sweet. I am so glad that the writers didn’t have Ted and Victoria get back together. As much as I love her, we know she’s not the mother, so it’s time move on. The little bomb dropped at the end about how the friendship with Robin wasn’t working was pretty big. We know that in the first episode

Ellen: The most adorable of actresses, Jennifer Garner, was a guest this week. I just love her!

Parenthood: I feel so bad for Julia and their adoption woes. So sad. Haddie needs to end her relationship. He’s a great guy but it’s just way way too adult for her. According to previews, it looks like he feels the same way.

Modern Family: Laugh out loud episode, especially with Cam and Mitchell. Did anyone else see that flip out scene of Mitchell coming? I know I didn’t! I love how much Jay loves that little dog, especially since he said he didn’t want it.

The Middle: Poor poor awkward Sue Heck. Like Axl says, she’s such a dork optimist! Love it. But ugh, the Heck house makes my OCD skin crawl. I just want to come over there and clean it. Do people really live like that?!

Happy Endings: Year of Penny! How much do you love Penny’s apartment? Isn’t it amahzing? Lol! Great episode, funny as per usual.

Parks & Recreation: Oh John Ralfio. I love his appearances, he’s such a random, douchy bag of awesome. His and Tom’s company is going to tank so fast! I loved the bag of crazy that was the Tammy circle in Ron’s life.

Community: Britta has gotten so gross! Wasn’t she the sex symbol of the show before? I loved her scenes with Chang though. Cracked up. I need more Abed in my life, let’s get an episode where it’s focused on him and his awkwardness shall we?

Grey’s Anatomy: Seriously? Why must this show go back and forth with the stupid relationships. There are outside forces that can cause drama. It doesn’t always have to be will they or won’t they get back together. Stupid MerDer. Why do I keep watching this show? The first two seasons were SO.MUCH.BETTER. I miss Izzie and George!

The Vampire Diaries: Stephan has another ex love besides Katherine? Ooooohhh. I’m entrigued. Does this mean the way has been cleared for Elena and Damon to finally be together? Make it happen people! Also, how cute was Tyler rescuing poor Caroline. I have really grown to love her character and I was glad she was saved by the hunky werewolf.

The Secret Circle: Deranged psychos chasing down the witches? Eek! It was a pretty cool episode. I liked it better than last week’s. I don’t get why the group can’t use their powers at least slightly when they’re alone. Seems kind of lame, and dangerous! I wonder how long it will take Cassie to tell everyone that she found a book as well.

Revenge: Started tuning into this show. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Right now it’s just something to watch on the ipad while I’m cooking dinner. I don’t think I like it that much. Anyone else catch it?

Grey’s Anatomy-Don’t Deceive Me

Dr. Sheppard has started the clinical trials for Alzheimer’s, and he didn’t choose Meredith, he chose Alex. I’m guessing he did this because the trial is so close to Meredith’s heart.

Meanwhile Sloan is dealing with Callie’s pregnancy. He’s not sure how to tell Little Grey, and Arizona is angry but is dealing with it. I’m happy those two are back together.

I love Chief Webber’s confusion about twitter and him calling them “Bailey’s Teets”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I also love that the twitter people help during a surgery. As much as I hate twitter sometimes, it is true that it can be a great tool for getting information back and forth quickly. If you watch the news you can see how true that is.

Christina is back and better than ever. I love that her bedside manner has gotten better from her time away.

Back to Callie’s pregnancy: I can’t help but empathize with her and her pregnancy worries. My body doesn’t always perform the way I want it to, and I’m definitely nervous about when I do decide to have a child. I will want to do everything right and make sure the baby grows healthy and happy.
The moment she hears the heartbeat and we see Arizona smile, we know she’s on board and she isn’t going to bail this time.

I love that Alex admits that Meredith would be much better suited for the Alzheimer’s case study. He says that she’s the only one twisted enough to do it. He also mentions he’s in the running for Chief Resident and he’s kicking ass so far. I can definitely see him as Chief Resident.

Arizona moves Callie’s stuff back in and tells her to shut up and admit that they are together. I love that she’s on board.

Mark tells Lexie that Callie is having his baby. They finally get back together and they are right back in the position they were when they first broke up. I have to say I’m a little more than miffed at Lexie. Mark is doing the right thing and taking responsibility for his child, which is a lot more than most would do in that situation. Instead of applauding him for it, she yells at him and storms out. I hope she grows up just a touch and decides she wants to be with him, baby and all.

Grey's Anatomy-Death and all his Friends

Best Episode in YEARS! My palms were sweaty, my heart was racing. A shooter, loose in Seattle Grace. Shooting surgeons cold blooded. One of the Mercy West doctors died in the first scene. Alex, my beloved Alex, gets shot and manages to drag himself to the elevator.

The shooter was out for revenge against the doctors who unplugged his brain dead and comatose wife. He wanted Shepard, Weber, and Lexie Grey dead because they did what they were supposed to do.

When Derek gets shot, watching Meredith’s face I couldn’t help but bawl. Cristina tries to protect Mer from going out there to help him, but she shoves her out of the way and runs to his side. She tells him that she can’t live without him, that if he dies, she will die. Poor Meredith-finally happy, finds out she’s pregnant and is actually happy about it, and now her husband is shot. The whole time I’m watching I’m thinking, if they kill off Derek I will never watch this show again.

Then my badass Cristina steps up. She says she’s going to perform surgery on Derek. She really is going to be a cardio god.

Meanwhile Alex is dying, while Sloan and Little Grey try to save him. As Little Grey tells Alex she loves him, my heart broke as Alex said, “Izzie? You came back?” Ahhhhh! I felt so bad for him. Stupid Katherine too big for her britches Heigl. She sucks! I really hope the writers don’t kill off Alex. At the same time, it’s hard for me to see him with anyone but Izzie Stevens. The writers should have killed her off so all of us fans would stop wishing she’d come back.

Being one of my favorite episodes, I love that one of the guest stars is Mandy Moore, one of my favorite actresses. She’s a strong character and is there for Bailey when they realize they can’t help the other Mercy West doctor who gets shot.

While Cristina starts surgery, she tells Meredith she has to stay out of the room on the ground. Owen comes in, searching for Cristina and not only finds her, but finds her with a gun pointed at her head. The shooter in his deranged state is screaming at her to stop trying to save Sheppard. This was by far the most intense scene on the show. Avery does some quick thinking and takes the sensors off of Sheppard to show that he’s flatlining. Mer doesn’t know the sensors are off and thinks he died. The poor thing collapses in shock. Meanwhile Owen had tried to jump the shooter and gets shot in the shoulder.

Meredith runs off to help him, while Cristina works to save Sheppard. As Meredith is helping Owen, she realizes she’s having a miscarriage. It was so sad because she was overjoyed when she first found out. Even though it was a sad moment, it was completely understandable. That level of stress on a new fetus. How could it possibly survive?

As this is all happening, Weber finds a way into the hospital, to try to save his people. He has a standoff with the shooter, and he confronts him. He tells him he has lived, that he is ready to die. He says, the question is, are you? a gunshot goes off, but we don’t see who was killed.

Typical Grey fashion, the happy come with the sad. Sheppard’s heart starts beating, Callie and Arizona get back together, and we see Weber standing on the catwalk. Alex is hooked up to the monitors and it looks like he’s going to pull through. Besides the two Mercy West doctors, the only other loss it seems, is at the end of the episode, when Meredith looks sadly at the pregnancy test and throws it away. 🙁

BEST EPISODE since the bomb threat!

Grey's Anatomy-Shiny Happy People

I liked the storyline between the burn victims. When the best friend says, “Just be real with me!” it was such a good moment. They laughed about people that complain about wanting acne scar removals when they have horrible scars all over their faces. “I can’t watch romantic comedies anymore. Try having half your face burned off, see what a pretty woman you’ll be then!” I loved that they could laugh about their situation.

As far as the storyline between Meredith and Cristina, I liked that the two didn’t just get mad and stop talking to each other. It showed some real growth on both their parts.

There are so many love triangles happening in this hospital it’s hard to keep them all straight. Lexie is dating Alex, but she’s still in love with Mark. Mark is sleeping with anything that breathes, but still loves Lexie. Owen is dating Cristina but is in love with Teddy. It took the adorable reunited elderly couple for Cristina to realize how Owen felt. It’s sad to see what is happening with them, because I really liked their relationship.

I adore the sensitive side of Mark, but I’m mad at him for taking so long to tell Lexie. I don’t want to see Alex get his heart broken yet again. I keep hoping by the end of this series Izzie will get off her high horse and come back to the show so they can end up together. I seriously loved the two of them. Oh, and poor Callie. She loves Arizona so much. Why can’t Arizona just want kids?

Ironically, the only happy couple in the whole hospital are Derek and Meredith. I’m glad the writers have finally stopped those two from fighting, because it was getting old.

Grey's Anatomy-Bring Back the Excitement

I keep watching Grey’s Anatomy, but the whole show has lost so much of its luster. It doesn’t help that on the weekends I’ve been watching the second season of Grey’s, when it was still great.  When Meredith and Derek had a ton of spicy chemistry, when George was alive and not some sniveling Chief’s Intern, and when Izzie was whiney, but she was with Alex, and they had that chemistry. Oh and Burke, my beloved Burke was there.

These days on Grey’s, MerDer have zero chemistry. Like me, Meredith looks like she could use a good eye cream for dark circles. Maybe it’s all the stress of her job. Or maybe it’s the lack of a good storyline for her and McDreamy. When did he stop being McDreamy and start being McBoring?

I haven’t recapped episodes because frankly I feel there’s not much to recap. I hate the whole storyline of Little Grey and Alex. I just don’t have any sympathy for her when she realizes that McSteamy is really moving on. Well guess what? You lost your chance at being with him. Here was Mr. Amazing and you BROKE UP WITH HIM. Lexie, you are the world’s biggest idiot. And that hair? No. Just…no.

The only storylines I care about are Bailey and her sexy stud, and the Callie/Arizona issue. Bailey, you go girl! You looked all adorable all dressed up, and I love how your man told you what was up. I’m sad that Arizona dropped the bomb on Callie that she doesn’t want kids. I was as surprised as Callie to learn that one, give Arizona’s pediatric specialty.

But those two storylines are not going to carry the show. I did like the line that Meredith gives to Owen when she notices he’s jealous of Teddy and Sloan. “You were jealous. It took a long time to make Cristina happy and if you mess with that, I will turn on you.” I love that they always have each other’s backs. I need a best gal pal like that.

Grey's Anatomy-The Time Warp

Hmmm…it was a decent episode I suppose. I really liked the Bailey and Richard stories, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Callie’s. I mean, it was amazing what she did for that poor patient with the messed up legs. Just looking at how they were twisted caused me some joint pain. But Callie and Alex? Seriously? These flash back episodes cause nothing but loop holes. Oh, and would she really tell that part to the audience during her speech? I also didn’t like the forced stage fright. She’s not that awkward.

I do like Derek as Chief-he’s making a lot of positive changes at Seattle Grace. Hopefully Richard takes Derek’s offer to go back to being a general surgeon. Didn’t he like that job better anyways? Oh, and whatever happened to his wife Adel? I’m so confused by that. Did they end things? I feel like it was never mentioned.
And will someone please tell me if Izzie is coming back or not? Her just running away was kind of weak. Though I did read an old interview with her and David Letterman. Katherine Heigl is a bit of an ungrateful brat if you ask me. This show MADE her. She should be honored to be part of it. Even if it’s not nearly as great a show as it used to be. I miss Burke…
I’ll still be watching the show til the end though, because despite its flaws, it’s still entertaining. Hopefully the show won’t go the way of Friends. The first five seasons being awesome, and then it just tanked. I’m still waiting for a resurrection of Grey’s back to its original glory.

Olympics = Reruns

So I guess because of the Olympics we’ve got reruns going on this week. I suppose that’s OK (if the coverage of the Olympics wasn’t so damn frustrating) but I am anxious for a couple of story lines to develop.
1. The Office-Pam’s gonna have the baby! AHHHHH, so exciting. I wonder what’s going to happen there. Are they going to take her off the show for a little while, or are we going to see her and Jim develop as new parents? I miss her and Jim being cute together. I feel like they haven’t been so much lately.

2. Flash Forward-are they ever going to have new episodes? Or was that just the teaser? Grrr.

3. Grey’s Anatomy-apparently I don’t have to wait long. There is a new episode tonight, and they do a flashback of some of the doctor’s at the beginnings of their career. Hmm…I have very mixed feelings on this. I’ve been rewatching all the first few seasons, and it was just so much better then. I miss Old Grey’s.

But still, watching a new Grey’s will be better than tuning into the Olympics and having to sift through ads and waiting for the show to come on. Seriously, why are there commercials every five minutes??

Grey's Anatomy-I Liked You Better When You Were Naked

This entire episode was so eerie to me because it hit so close to home. The theme was choosing your career or love. Yang was of course advocating surgery over love any day of the week. Grey said why can’t you have both? Throughout the episode we see a patient come in who is a singer, who might have his lung removed. He pleads with the doctors, saying he’d rather die than not be able to sing. He says it’s who he is.

Last night D and I had a deep discussion about his career dreams. He wants to join the Coast Guard, either through OCS to become an officer, or he’d even be willing to go enlisted. I was horrified, because when I said yes to his proposal, I never thought it would mean giving up my life as I knew it. So we talked and talked, and I felt so hurt, because I thought he was choosing his career over love. At the end of our discussion he said, “Don’t you see though? I would never say yes if you weren’t on board. I wouldn’t risk losing you. I would choose you over the career. That’s why we’re talking about this.”

Back to the show. Cristina tells Teddy she would trade Owen for surgery. She says she’s not going to apologize for choosing her gift over a man. Teddy does the right thing and tells Owen.

Shocking twist was for Izzie and Alex. I’ve been waiting for them to patch everything up, and instead Alex tells Izzie he’s happy she’s ok, and he’s happy she got a new job in Tacoma, but he wants her to go and not come back.

Owen confronts Cristina and tells it like it is. “You think nothing else matters. People matter, we do matter. You don’t get to toss me aside. I won’t let you.” They kiss, I cry. It was a good moment.

Meredith and Derek have conflict because he turns the chief in. She feels that he chose surgery over love.

So that brings me back to my life. I’ve been researching Coast Guard careers on my Acer Aspire and trying to figure out if this is something I can get on board with. I want to be like Meredith. I don’t want D to have to choose career or love. Even though he says he won’t choose career, I don’t want him to suffer. I just keep hoping there is a civilian alternative. We’ll just have to see…

Grey's Anatomy Private Practice Crossover

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover had me feeling sorry for Adison for the first time ever. Sure she’s an adulterous with loose morals, but she seems like she wants to change that. And here she was, getting excited about Mark Sloan and his proposal of moving to LA to be with her. I felt so bad for her when he says he’s sorry and that it was all just because he’s broken hearted over Little Grey. You can’t blame Adison for trying. Mark Sloan is so steamy he makes the furnace filter melt. But her friends did try to warn her, especially Sam.

I just hope the writers aren’t dumb enough to try to put Sam and Adison together. That would be wrong on so many counts. Don’t do it writers!!

The breakup between Cooper and Charlotte stunk. I can’t believe some of the horrible things he said to her! Charlotte is right-Cooper is an insensitive cold hearted jerk.

So back to Grey’s Anatomy, which I felt was sort of a lackluster episode. Anyone else agree? I was sad that Sloan and Little Grey broke up, but I do understand it to a point. Still, Lexie had no right to kiss Alex! I was so proud of Alex for saying he doesn’t really bet sex for surgery time, and I thought he was just going to go home and be a nice guy. Instead he makes out with Lexie, possibly more?

Yes, Izzie sucks for running out on their marriage, but you fix it. You don’t make out with Little Grey! Grrr. So much dysfunction in that place. I’m so glad I don’t work there!

I was pretty stunned by Cristina’s response to her cardio god when she said all she wants is Owen. “Take him!” I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. That was probably the only storyline of Grey’s that I really enjoyed. It was good to see Cristina thriving again.

Did you catch the crossover? What did you think of it?

Grey's Anatomy-New History


I love Owen and Cristina as a couple on Grey’s. I like that Owen doesn’t take all the crap that Cristina pulls. He doesn’t let her bully him around. And when he brings in a cardio god as a “present” for Ms. Yang, I thought, oh he really knows her! That is until it becomes clear that Teddy Altman, Owen’s old Iraq buddy, isn’t exactly the cardio god Yang is used to. Plus it’s painfully obvious that she has a crush on Owen. Teddy is played by Kim Raver who I loved on Lipstick Jungle. It’s nice to see her on tv again, but I have a feeling she won’t be around long. She just doesn’t mesh with the rest of the cast very well. Maybe that’s the point, to show that she’s been in Iraq for a long time and isn’t as catty as the rest of the Grey’s doctors. Let’s face it, our beloved doctors act more like high schoolers concerned about acne treatment than grown ups!

Izzie makes her comeback when she brings in her favorite teacher from her hometown to see if McDreamy can fix him. I think she’s so immature for not even talking to Alex about their problems. I love that he stormed out on her, because she deserved it. Hopefully they patch things up, but Izzie can’t just walk away from a marriage and expect everything to be ok. The end of the episode finally shows their confrontation: “I am your husband and you didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt, so you know what, I can’t forgive you either.”

The last scene shows a major explanation for why the chief has been acting so strangly. He’s in the bar across from the hospital…drinking. After years of being sober, he’s cracked. It’s so sad to see him go down that road again, but it makes sense considering all the pressures he’s faced. I wonder if this means the end of being chief for him. If so, I’m pretty sure Derek is going to be taking over.