House Hunters Makes Me Envious

House hunters is one of my favorite shows to watch. But lately everytime I watch I get a little envious. I watched an episode where a couple was doing their jacksonville nc home search, and they just get so much more home for their buck. California home prices are lower these days, but the home sizes are nothing compared to on the East Coast. I drool over the beautiful brick buildings, and the huge master suites. Makes me want to relocate! ar122527653183854

HGTV-House Hunters

I’m completely addicted to this show. I love living vicariously through other people as they search for their perfect home. My hubs and I aren’t ready to buy just yet but we can’t wait until we can say, “and the house we chose was…” I think it would be fun to apply for the show, though I don’t know if I could act naturally in front of cameras.

I think the show has potential to really wow us with episodes of House Hunters Millionaire, where we get to see how the other half lives. I also wish

they would make it a rule to always show the couple 6 months later, instead of just a month or two. Then the viewers really get to see what they’ve done to put their own mark on the home. That’s my favorite part of the show:

where you get to see them all moved in and settled down.

Loving the DVR

Since we moved we finally signed up for better tv and a dvr. I’m absolutely loving it. No more watching commercials about diet pill reviews and snuggies. Instead we can record all of our favorite shows and watch them when we want.
I need to start branching out though. Seems like we are always watching either House Hunters, Cops (hubby’s favorite, not mine), and How I Met Your Mother. I better start recording the Discovery Channel or something else that doesn’t rot my brain. 😉